Amazon Kindle ad mocks Apple iPad’s screen (with video)

Amazon has launched a new television ad on U.S. broadcast and cable networks that highlights the Kindle’s E-Ink screen’s ability to be read in bright light, especially versus Apple’s iPad:

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s iPad does so much more, in color, that it’s ridiculous. If you want to read books in black and white in bright sunlight, get an eBook reader with an appropriate screen. If you want to do just about anything else (Web, Mail, TV Shows, Movies, iPod, iTunes, 250,000+ apps, Notes, Maps, Calendars, Contacts, Word Processing, Presentations, Spreadsheets, etc.), including reading eBooks in color, get an iPad. If you want to do it all, get both. Kindle is not really a competitor to iPad; the devices are just not in the same class. Kindle is a paring knife while iPad is Williams-Sonoma plus the rest of the entire mall.

This ad is a marketing mistake for Amazon, because most people will see it and say to themselves, “That’s cute, but iPad does sooo much more.” So, in the end, this is an ad for iPad. Now, Amazon does sell iPads, so maybe that’s their actual goal. If so, brilliant; if not, they need a better marketing firm.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. glossy has its advantages and disadvantages
    kindle is only good for basic text reading
    ipad not really about basic text reading at all
    come on
    kindle is grasping at straws and I believe circling the bowl at this point, sales not good from what I’ve heard

  2. Ok, she is much prettier than him. He can go inside with the AC and use the magical features of the iPad that the grey scale Kindle lacks. And if the good looking gal did not buy those very expensive glasses, she could have joined him inside with her iPad.

    BUT, there are at least 2 beautiful girls sunbathing at the pool. Put the iPad down and enjoy the day at the pool man! She is talking to you. Offer her a drink man. Is our species getting stupid and will it survive.

  3. So isn’t Nokia, Amazon, Palm, Dell, Microsoft’s etc… Mocking of Apple’s products which are the only computers selling in a contracting tech economy for the past few years, evidence of their blind vision? Their ostrich like, head up their ass, denial is not only making them look desperate in the face of Aplle’s record quarterly sales records, but best of all, it’s proving them incompetentvto their own past captive customers who are all seeing iPhones and iPads and Macs and Apples everywhere…..

    Yeah right, laugh into tears and eat your hearts out wannabes- your days are numbered….

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