Scottish school becomes first ‘iSchool’ where Apple’s revolutionary iPad replaces pencil and paper

Apple Online Store“Welcome to the world’s first iSchool – where pen and paper have been pushed aside in favour of computers,” Siobhan McFadyen reports for The Daily Record.

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“At Cedars School of Excellence, in Greenock, all the lessons are now taken using iPads,” McFadyen reports. “The pupils, aged from five to 15, will even do their homework on their new Apple handhelds. And the days of blackboards and chalk are gone too, as teachers use projectors and online lesson plans.”

“The move is the brainchild of IT teacher Fraser Speirs,” McFadyen reports. “Last year, the 105 kids at the school were forced to share 12 laptops between them. Now they’ve each been given an iPad to work on lessons… Fraser said: ‘We wanted to give each of the pupils an opportunity to use the best equipment available… Before we had the solution, the children were only able to get around 45 minutes a week on computing studies as they were sharing the existing laptops. But now they’ll be some of the most technologically advanced in the world.'”

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  1. The Scottish always seem to be innovating the classroom first.

    The iPad is the most advanced technology in the computer industry today. Putting the world of technology, science, education, entertainment and the worlds knowledge in a personal handheld device, a device that is not isolating nor disengaging from the rest of the world around you.

  2. “Hmm,

    Consider it, saving trees and enhancing education.”

    Hmm,. consider it, a new generation unable to write their names, or sign a form, or…. Technology is great, but people are forgetting that the basics are necessary for a lasting foundation of skills.

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