RUMOR: Apple’s 6G iPod nano will not displace iPod shuffle, maintain prices

Apple Online Store“Sixth-generation iPod nanos on deck for an introduction by Apple on Wednesday will reportedly be priced in-line with existing models and will not replace the company’s other diminutive media player, the iPod shuffle,” Neil Hughes and Kasper Jade report for AppleInsider.

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“Although the new nano, built around a 1.7-inch display, is expected to sport similar dimensions to the second-generation clip-on iPod shuffle, people familiar with Apple’s plans say the company will continue to market its button-less iPod shuffle as an entry-level player,” Hughes and Jade report.

“In addition, those same people say that the new nano be priced into the existing nano’s pricing tier, carrying relatively the same price points as the current models,” Hughes and Jade report.

Read more in the full article, which includes a rendering of the anticipated iPod nano screen size compared to a prior generation model, here.


  1. Of course. Apple needs a low-end player that costs less than $100. I hope they improve the iPod shuffle by putting three buttons along one edge; they can use the same three buttons (volume up, center, and volume down) that are on the headphone wire.

    Also, I hope the current iPod nano is continued. It’s a great design and the culmination of the flash-based click-wheel iPod form factor; it would be a shame to get rid of it after just one year. If the iPod classic is discontinued, they can call the current iPod nano the “iPod classic” and keep it around for a few more years.

  2. If these are clip-ons like the 2G Shuffle and if these allow for video…

    Wow, Apple could end up selling a ton of these. Imagine kids wearing a bunch of them clipped on to their shirts at clubs. Or as earrings, pendants, watches, etc…”Vote for___” pins. There are a ton of uses I could see these being used for instead of the traditional iPod use.

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