5 surprises from my iPad enterprise rollout

Apple Online Store“The iPad is not a theoretical invader from the world of consumer IT for CIO Rob Rennie of Florida State College at Jacksonville. It’s real,” Tom Kaneshige reports for CIO.

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“Rennie has put 350 iPads in the hands of executives, IT staff, administrators, faculty and students—all using the iPads in various ways depending on job function,” Kaneshige reports. “It’s the first phase of a project calling for a thousand iPads to be delivered throughout the college by the end of the year, including at libraries and labs where students can ‘check’ them out.”

Kaneshige reports, “The first phase of Florida State College’s iPad rollout started shortly after the iPad became available earlier this year. Rennie has learned a lot since then, as he prepares to send more iPads out into the field.”

Here are five of his surprises:
1. Executives Love iPads in Meetings
2. Pushback May Happen in Unexpected Places
3. Consider the Apple (AAPL) vs. Adobe (ADBE) Fight: Part One, Flash (Rennie is squarely in Apple’s camp and has embraced HTML 5 throughout Florida State College’s Web presence.)
4. Consider the Apple vs. Adobe Fight : Part Two, PDFs (Rennie was pleasantly surprised at how nice the iPad works with PDFs.)
5. Users Have iPad Location Privacy Fears

There’s much more in the full article here.


  1. This list was not worth the effort it took to publish it. It should have read, “After I deployed the iPad, there were virtually no issues worth mentioning.”

  2. @ John – why would you be surprised that a CIO had a complete misunderstanding of a simple technical issue? My experience leads me to be surprised anytime a CIO demonstrates that they actually have a clue about technology-related topics that have evolved in the post-COBOL world.

  3. “5. Users Have iPad Location Privacy Fears”

    Hmm… that might be a killer App:
    Location services has determined you just visited the bathroom.
    The iPad moisture sensors detect that you failed to wash your hands.

  4. @ G4Dualie
    “I’m glad I held out for the 3G model.”

    No kidding. The thought of fiddling around with getting on every coffee shop and library wifi seems so ridiculous and retro to me. And not worth it. My 3G speeds are usually just as fast on all but a good home network. I’ll never go back.

  5. @ G4Dualie & @ChrissyOne
    “I’m glad I held out for the 3G model.”

    I wish I had your fortitude. I couldn’t wait to get mine so I got the WiFi version on launch day. Every time I take it out with me, which is practically every day, I wish for the 3G. Now that AT&T has dropped the unlimited plan I lament this fact even more. Anyway, I am glad I didn’t wait for version 2.0 since then I would truly be missing out.

  6. If Adobe got Flash to work, (I know, highly unlikely) Apple would embrace it. It is on the Mac (although ClickToFlash is pretty much a neccessity) as shitastic as it is.

    MW = why
    Hmmm, good question, just forget I said anything ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  7. @ ob1spyker

    I’m not sure how worried you need to be about the end of unlimited data… Most of my traffic is at home watching movies so of course that doesn’t count, but I would consider myself a fairly heavy user, and since I activated my 3G account in mid May, I’ve used 2.9 GB… That’s over three months.
    Of course I’m glad that I’m grandfathered in, but judging by my usage so far I really don’t think the 2 GB per month limit is a huge deal-breaker.

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