Apple still searching for iPhone proximity sensor fix

iPhone 4 Accessories “Apple has yet to find a fix for flaws with the iPhone 4’s proximity sensor, according to one of the company’s Australian spokespeople, Fiona Martin,” MacNN reports.

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“Normally the sensor detects when an iPhone is next to a person’s face, and shuts off the touchscreen to prevent people from accidentally tapping onscreen buttons,” MacNN explains. “In some cases the sensor is failing, potentially leading to interrupted calls.”

MacNN reports, “Apple is currently working on iOS 4.1, which could be released as soon as this week to support new iPods.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ve been using 4.1 beta since the first release and we see no proximity sensor issues on our iPhone 4 units. Of course, we didn’t see any proximity sensor issues before moving to 4.1 beta, so fat lot of good we are on this one. Are you having issues with your iPhone 4’s proximity sensor?


  1. Yeah, having proximity sensor issues with newest phone (have had all 4 versions; this is the only one I’ve had problems with). Basically muting calls but sometimes hanging up on people when holding the phone between my cheek and shoulder (i.e. no hands mode).

  2. I experience the proximity issue, but not consistently.

    I can see the light from the phone in the corner if my eye, when it is not working correctly, and I’ve learned to adjust the way I’m holding it when it happens.

    On a couple ocassions, when I’ve let other people use my phone, they have managed to accidentally hit buttons, turning on speaker phone, etc.

  3. I only ever really make or recieve calls with the headphones; thus even if I did have this problem I wouldn’t know about it.

    Concurrently, this also goes for the whole antennae problem too.

  4. Yep, still having some issues but not as bad when on 4.0 w/my iPhone 4.
    I never had that problem on my 1st gen iPhone nor my 3GS even after I upgraded it to 4.0. I’m sure it’s associated with the gyroscope & the much more sensitive Retina display on the i4.
    If I’m using it outdoors or in a situation where it’s very hot & I’m heavily prespiring it’s always tough but that was on all models not just the i4.

  5. I’ve had problems with iPhone 1, and now iPhone 4 with “face dialing”.

    Only when I try to cradle the phone between neck and shoulder does it happen ..

    My solution is to not cradle the phone.

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