Trojan infects Android smartphones; iPhone unaffected

Apple Store“Cyber security company, Kaspersky Lab, has identified the first virus to hit Google’s Android operating system,” James Hutchinson reports for Computerworld.

“The Trojan virus, named Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer.a, is distributed through a message sent to users prompting them to install a 13 kilobyte (KB) ‘harmless’ media player application,” Hutchinson reports.

“Once installed, the Trojan virus sends SMS messages to premium rate numbers without notifying the user,” Hutchinson reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: This is big reason why Apple offers a curated App Store. You’d have to jailbreak your iOS device in order to open yourself up to even the possibility of this type of Trojan attack. Not so with Google Android where malware is a “feature.” Get a real iPhone.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James W.” for the heads up.]


  1. It was inevitable. The press has been hyping Android’s Incredible growth without including malware as part of the growth. It’s Windows all over again. Well, at least it was free. Hahahahahaaaaaaa.

  2. It’s true — it’s not a virus, but that doesn’t make it much better in this case. As long as there are no rules about things getting installed on Android (and how they get installed), the number of malware will far exceed that on the iPhone.

  3. awww.. this is just the start of this crap… once you need anti-virus running on your phone 24/7 people will start to see why they need to choose a iPhone… plus more carriers soon spells success!

  4. It’s funny. People talk about how Mac users will get hit hard because they sit back and assume they’re 100% safe. The fact is, I see this from the Windows crowd.

    “I just bought a brand new Windows 7 computer and have the extra-full-super deluxe Norton’s security suite with Hasta La Vista, Baby™ viral destruction service.” Yet, 2 weeks after having that, they’re infected with one of the many variants of the rogue-security software (Windows 2010 security or whatever it’s called these days). Shouldn’t the AV companies be picking up on the main “DNA” of these programs and stop them from getting into the system?

    And, at $200 a pop, no wonder Geek Squad is thriving. People are dumb™.

  5. Many times when these stories are posted, people shout that it’s not this type because…
    The simple truth is someone casually using the net could do the clicking for you, like letting your kid or whomever on your computer. If you are not protected you are living in a fool’s paradise.

  6. To be fair, a “Trojan” is NOT a virus.

    A virus can SELF-REPLICATE. A Trojan requires user assistance to install.

    It’s not called a Trojan because it’s a condom! It’s called a Trojan because some peole got lazy and stopped calling it by it’s proper nickname, Trojan Horse.

  7. I will take a class action against Google if it prevents our apps, whether benign or malicious from the Android Marketplace.

    Hasn’t Google been preaching the goodness of free choice? Google must not be evil and to start curating the Android Marketplace and put up a walled garden. We developers have been promised by Google that our apps would not be blocked or taken off. We were promised that our apps can do anything we want without the onerous oversight by Google. We have spent money, time and effort to make our apps efficient in order to steal data from users so that we can become millionaires overnight.

    So I want to warn Google again: don’t be evil.

  8. Hey I just got rid of the biggest Trojan of them all: Flash

    Ok, I know its not a trojan but after installing Click to Flash on my Mac, Safari is a speed demon. All the banners and embedded video that is Flash based is not loaded unless you specifically as it to be by clicking on it. I couldn’t believe it made such a difference. It was a tip from one of the Mac Geniuses from the Apple Store.

    Back to Trojans and viruses – both are easy to get if you’re not careful. I’ve been thinking about installing ClamX again just in case. Unfortunately there are no anti-virus filters for iOS4.

  9. Silverhawk…

    Have to disagree. By your definition, there would be no viruses or trojans because all of them result by users actions.

    It’s not social engineering unless the malware tricks you into bypassing existing security measures.

    The PDF exploit is a hole that requires no specific action other than following a link that could and probably would look very benign. You could be checking your kids lunch menu for their school and boom your iPhone’s data could be accessed and downloaded.

    That’s a problem and it’s Apple’s to solve. I’m a big fan, but wearing blinders isn’t helpful to anyone.

  10. My, my, poor Google. Who in their right mind would want a Google product now? Between the shit bag Android security and Google acting as the cyber gestapo, they`ve turned into quite the bunch of F`n douchebags. So take your pick roid ragers, either Google bends you over, or you get from one your famous free and open apps.

    So is syphilis.

    Maybe someone will come out with some FRREEEE anti-virus to run on your phones too?

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