Magic Trackpad teardown shows Apple really sweated the details

“Have you ever wondered what makes a trackpad magical?” iFixit asks.

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“Well wonder no more,” iFixit writes. “Join us as we delve into the deep abyss of Apple’s ocean of magical peripherals to explore the mysterious Magic Trackpad.”

“The Magic Trackpad is the first full desktop trackpad that supports a full set of gestures, including click, scroll, swipe, and rotate, all available at the tip of your fingers,” iFixit reports. “It features the same aluminum design as its wireless keyboard counterpart, allowing for the perfect union of typing and gestures. Let us not forget the main attraction, which is the 0.5 mm thick, capacitive touch, wear-resistant glass surface. That’s all good, but what lies inside?”

iFixit reports, “Check out those square threads! While square threads have the highest mechanical efficiency of all lead screws, their difficulty of manufacturing makes them prohibitive for most applications. Kudos, Apple, for sweating the details.”

Full article, with all of the teardown photos and commentary, here.


  1. Tried out the track pad at the apple store last night and really, really like it. For work I will also need the mouse for some details atm, but I was really impressed. Have to order my imac as the store doesn’t have 27″ imac with the 2TB drive built in in stock.

  2. Picked up a Magic Trackpad yesterday at the SF Apple Store. It was easy to setup after a software update. Paired it with my new 27-in. quad i7 iMac. It beats the hell outta using a mouse especially with such a large display area. Within a very short time, you become a comfortable user who has mastered all the multi-finger gestures.
    Get one…’ll love it.

  3. Am I the only one having log-in problems with the MDN app on iPhone 4?

    On my old iPhone, the app worked perfectly. On my new one, it never remembers my log-in info, and typically won’t allow me to log in at all.

    Occasionally, it seems to log me in, but when I attempt to comment, I am given the message that the name I am trying to comment with is reserved! Well, no kidding… It’s mine!

    So, instead of posting my comment, I am shown the error message, and my comment is lost.

    I an forced to comment on my iPhone 4 using Safari!

  4. @TheConfuzed1:

    It’s not you. The problem is that sometimes, you ARE logged in, but the app shows you the “Your Name:” field anyway. Try leaving it blank and just typing your comment.

    The MDN app is a programming abomination. Makes me think some Visual Basic-loving Windows “programmer” built it.

    P.S. _Always_ use Select All and Copy before attempting to submit a comment here from an iPhone. It sucks to have to retype the whole thing when the MDN mobile site or iPhone app screws something up.

  5. @ Krioni–

    I just tried it.

    I left the log-in info fields blank, and tried to submit a comment.

    I was given the error code, “The name you are trying to post with is reserved.”

    Seriously? What’s the issue here?

    And yes, on long posts, I usually copy my text before submitting, but I shouldn’t have to!

    I choose Apple products because “they just work.”

    I expect the same from a simple app.

    @ MDN–

    Will you please do something about this?

  6. @TheConfuzed1 @Krioni

    I had the same problem. As with any buggy app follow these instructions.

    Delete app.

    Do hard reset; hold down on/off button and main button at bottom of screen simotainiously past the “slide to off” screen till it goes all black, then continue holding until you see the silver Apple logo pop up.

    After your iPhone restarts, install the buggy App again.

    This process fixes almost all buggy App issues. Including the sign on MDN App issue.

  7. I thought square threads were clothes worn by sixties nerds.

    Seriously, perhaps the logical next move is to integrate the pad with the keyboard. Properly-executed, could mean one interface device only, goodbye mouse.

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