Apple may finally be past white iPhone 4 obstacles

“Apple may have finally solved the problems preventing white iPhone 4s from being mass-produced, a source claims,” MacNN reports.

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“As has been suggested before, one of the main dilemmas is argued to have been getting the right paint thickness — specifically on the front panel, though, and in a way that doesn’t affect the proximity sensor or create light bleeds,” MacNN reports. “A complicating factor is said to be the need to silkscreen the paint on in a way that leaves a gap for the LCD.”

MacNN reports, “The back panel is thought to be fine as far as technical issues go, since there is no display to account for.”

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The Boy Genius reports, “There is also reportedly an issue with the actual paint itself, which we’re told is silkscreened on the front glass. Apple has had to come up with a paint mix that will stay white and won’t discolor, flake, etc.”

“Our source let us know that Apple might have actually worked through these issues and that white iPhone 4s might not be so far away from shipping in the near future,” The Boy Genius reports. “Apple just probably left it open-ended so they wouldn’t crush expectations again.”

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  1. The only obstacle that has delayed the white phone is the process of redesigning the antenna so the phone will work like Steve Jobs promised when he rolled out at WWDC – holding it like most people hold a phone but later told they couldn’t hold it that way if they wanted it to make and maintain phone calls.

    If they are ready to release the white phone now, that means they have fixed the antenna and I will soon be able to exchange my crippled one for one that works like it is suppose to – without any kind of stupid cover up such as a rubber band or dumb case.

  2. btw… Mossberg, after using the iP4 for six weeks, says he cannot recommend it for people with weak ATT service at their home, work, or travel (just about everywhere) because the iP4 cannot maintain phone calls very well.


    The morons around here are the ones who willingly allow Steve Jobs to make claims that are not true by continuing to praise him as some master of the universe and buy his expensive, and now, way to frequently experienced, shoddy products – such as phones that drop calls when you touch them in the wrong spot, disabling 3G phones with software they can’t handle, and iPads that turn themselves off in the sun.

  3. And… Mossberg pointed out that Steve Jobs claimed the iP4 antenna was a superior design – a breakthrough for antenna design – but, in fact, it has more trouble supporting phone calls than any of the earlier iPhone models or most other models of phones from just about every other phone maker.

  4. @AAPLguy

    more lies name is spot on. what’s the problem ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />?


    we all think you are a moron because you somehow disillusioned yourself into thinking you know what you are talking about all the while you don’t. You just don’t understand you have no idea what you are talking about, and we all see it. Sort of hard for most people to let people be wrong. I, however, just chuckle at your expense and let you walk the earth like the retard you are.

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