Apple appoints new Sr. VP of Operations; COO Tim Cook’s successor should Cook succeed Jobs as CEO?

Apple Store“Apple has appointed a new Senior Vice President of Operations dedicated to ensuring that Apple products meet ‘the highest standards of quality,” Kasper Jade and Daniel Eran Dilger report for AppleInsider.


Jeff Williams, who came from IBM to Apple more than a decade ago, was promoted this month to join Apple’s executive team as chief operation officer Tim Cook’s right hand man,” Jade and Dilger report.


It’s believed Apple is grooming Williams to take on Cook’s role as chief operation officer in the event that Cook takes over Steve Jobs’ role as the company’s chief executive,” Jade and Dilger report. “Cook has been profiled as the most likely successor to Jobs when Apple’s iconic chief chooses to step down.


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  1. So after all the new taxes coming and living in beautiful but costly California, comes out making 50k a year. Pretty good. Hahaha!!

    I moved my business from Cali back to Florida. No state income tax is wonderful. And now they giving oil away free too.

  2. I have yet to see analysts who have nailed Apple inc. correctly, I guess what I am saying is that if you rely on analysts to tell you how a company is doing in this day and age then you must be the sort of person investing heavily on Google, M$, Dell, Coca cola etc. I wonder if “get a life” is an appropriate message for such people?

  3. Screw the analysts, I personally will be very upset and worried the day Jobs steps down. Long may he serve. There are very capable people in all walks of life, and always new blood- but Steve Jobs is no ordinary visionary. He’s a once in a lifetime game-changer. There’ll never be another Beatles, Van Goght, or Einstein either.

  4. When Steve retires in the future this is the way it will play out.
    Tim Cook will replace Steve as President of the Apple Board
    Scott Forstall will be promoted to CEO of Apple

    Why because Tim Cook is a get r’ done guy.
    While Scott Forstall details do it right user in front engineer and he’s not bad at large public keynote’s and product.

  5. “It is believed – Cook Successor” – BS –
    Could it possibly be that they are just growing like crazy and they need additional help?
    Of course, every company needs a plan of succession to handle eventualities don’t read too much into this.

  6. Can Cook “Think Different” and/or “Think Better”?

    It may not matter if Cook can do all things “Jobs” as long as he surrounds himself with people smarter than he (something the current leader of the free world can’t do) and delegates.

    A great leader picks the right people, delegates, and makes good solid decisions. I got my fingers crossed that all works out well when Steve decides to move out.

  7. After the iP4 fiasco, the world has finally come to grip with the reality that Steve Jobs’ charisma is really a poor substitute for actual quality in products, service and customer care.

    MDN and its loyal followers will howl in protest, but the fact is that for about the last two years, Apple’s software and hardware releases have developed a record of being ‘not ready’ for public consumption.

    This entire team of Apple moguls have had to swallow their arrogance and now face a critical test coming somewhere around the first of October – that’s when they will announce (or not, we’ll know anyway) that the antenna problem has been fixed with a hardware design modification and now, because they love their customers so much, an exchange for the crippled phones purchased by stupid early adopters such as me, is now available.

    Or, will they? That’s the test.

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