Apple’s revolutionary iPad triples tablet sales in Europe in first month on market

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“The iPad nearly tripled sales of tablets in Europe during just its first month on sale, Context Research estimated this week,” Electronista reports.

“Apple’s tablet was only available from May 28 in the continent, but by itself grew the market by 257 percent,” Electronista reports. “The figure is one of the few specific to the continent and suggests that the combined Windows tablet PC market in Europe for spring was well below the hundreds of thousands of iPads likely to have been sold.”

Electronista reports, “The typical cost of a computer increased three percent to 457 euros ($577) and may also have had an Apple influence. Gains were credited partly to better sales of “higher priced all-in-one consumer PCs,” of which Apple is usually considered the leader through the iMac.”

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  1. flappo,
    yeah, that’s a shame. JohnLewis is one of the better places to shop, they have great service and they already carry Macs, pretty nicely displayed — and they seem to have more Macs than other computers. I always browse there, and wouldn’t go to a PCWorld.

  2. @futuremedia-
    John Lewis is a leading household/electrical goods store in the uk, which is owned by all the staff, known as Partners. They are renowned for tremendously good service – somewhat similar to Apple’s.

    They started selling Apple Macs & iPods a few years ago and the staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful, unlike the computer chain here called PC World. From what I read here and other forums I think our PC World is similar to the USA version of Best Buy, not what I believe is an American computer magazine by the same name. Hope this clarifies things for you.

  3. Just returned from two weeks in Europe where iPad ads where *everywhere* including a 6-story high billboard/banner wrapping the side of a building in central Berlin.

    Also, iPhones in use everywhere.

  4. @dialtone

    “Just returned from two weeks in Europe where iPad ads where *everywhere* including a 6-story high billboard/banner wrapping the side of a building in central Berlin.

    Also, iPhones in use everywhere.”

    Depends very much on what part of Europe you are referring to.
    Here in Germany, for instance, I see the ads, but have never yet seen an iPad in action … I live in Berlin!
    Likewise, while the iPhone has sold well here, people don’t have that quasi religious brand-attachment.
    During the iPod frenzy, for example, when in the USA Apple had something like a 75% market share, Britain was pretty high with around 50% while Germany, France, etc. lay between 11-27%.

    Same with the iPhone. Android, which is seen as the mobile equivalent to Linux (which also has a notable following in Europe), is strong and when readers of, the leading German mobile site, place iPhone4 on position 9 of ten, that tells you something.

  5. Hey Pretzelboy,

    Maybe Germany is slow in adopting new tech, especially from outside Germany or Europe?

    What’s the iPod share now in Germany? I bet it is more than 30% now. There are a lot of countries where it has taken a lot longer for the iPod to claim majority share.

    For the iPhone, carriers and pricing make a difference.

    The iPad has been out for only a few months. I live in the Bay Area and have only seen it once being used by a 3 year old in a mall in Silicon Valley.

    Give it time. The iPad is a totally new device and it will be a while before it becomes mainstream.

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