Apple Store Paris Opéra abandons standard design

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!“Apple has essentially abandoned a standard design for the Paris Opéra retail store opening on Saturday, new photos show,” MacNN reports.

“Differences are immediately visible from the outside, as the facade employs three small, black-backed Apple logos including a banner, rather than one large white logo framed against glass and steel,” MacNN reports. “Those materials are also absent from the interior, replaced with marble, iron, stone and wood.”

Read more in the full article, as see photos, in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Nothing has been “abandoned”. Apple merely adapted their store in keeping with a historic district of Paris. They could have gone further by not using the modern tables, but something a bit more antique-ish, fitting the period of the building’s design and still maintaining the high level of Apple style.

  2. The Opéra Garnier area is wonderfully baroque, and the standard Apple retail would be even more out of place than what they did at Les Halles or the Pompidou. Congratulations to Apple for their sensitivity.

    There is another, a newer opera house, a mile or so away at the Place De La Bastille which would be happy with Apple Modern, but the Garnier neighborhood is a more primo spot.

  3. My wife is on her way back. Will miss the opening by one week. Not that she is that interested, although her new iPad arrived yesterday.

    I would have loved to be there. Looks like October at the earliest.

    Was in the Beijing store last year. Would have hoped that it was going to be a flagship store, unfortunately it wasn’t.

    Toronto needs a flagship store. My pick would be Casa Loma or better yet across from the Eaton Center, i.e., the whole southeast corner of Yonge and Dundas, not in it. Bet it would outdraw New York’s.

  4. The design incorporates and reflects the it’s local context. While making every Apple Store look similar from the outside would simplify Apple’s marketing, it would often clash with the surrounding neighborhoods and could upset adjacent tenants / residents. Especially in a design conscious city such as Paris.

  5. Great looking store, especially with the two story atrium and the huge skylight. Love the old stone and wrought iron grilles on the outside and the wood-iron combination inside. Also the mosaics on the floor look like they will be beautiful. Absolutely appropriate to maintain the historic look of this historic Parisian district.

  6. Even the most pedestrian of articles just can’t be written without editorializing. Instead of a headline that tells the truth (Apple modified the store to match the esthetic’s of the neighborhood), we get a negative headline that implies all sorts of pejorative connotations. Even tho the text of the story itself clearly tell the tale, the headline is written to attract undue and undeserved attention.

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