Wired cuts cost of iPad issue from $4.99 to $3.99

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“The second edition of Conde Nast’s much-praised Wired magazine iPad app is out, and it boasts some new features,” Peter Kafka reports for AllThingsD. “The biggest one: A 20 percent price cut.”

“The magazine publisher has sold some 95,000 digital copies of its June issue at $4.99, the same price the ink-and-paper edition commands,” Kafka reports. “So why sell the July issue at $3.99 — while also knocking down the price of the first issue to the same level?”

Kafka reports, “Conde says it will be experimenting with digital magazine pricing for months to come. But Wired editor Chris Anderson, who wants us to know that he doesn’t control his magazine’s sales price, makes the common sense argument: Digital editions should cost less than physical ones because there’s no distribution cost.”

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MacDailyNews Take: What do you think? Still too much?


  1. almost their but not yet need to check out the features something has got to be done with GQ that crap is horrible y dont ppl add the ability to adjust screen brightness from within the app??? and i dont know but for some reason i like the page turning effect with the sliding thing i feel like i missed something i dont know why

  2. My God but Americans can be gullible sheep. Once a paper or mag is published it’s history. Why pay more than 25c for such a short shelf-life item. A book is worth more if it has useful content with more enduring value. If an ebook novel can sell for $3 to 5 with no ads, why should a mag making a whole lot of ad revenue cost more than 25c when it’s dead on its feet the moment you’ve scanned through it?
    Sheep to the Shylock Shuffle.
    Just donate them your eyeballs. That’s all you’re worth to them. One of their directors implied just that. It’s the ad schlomos that matter.

  3. @Another Issue

    Agreed. I thought Apple would take a more centralized approach to this, developing their own app with a set of APIs specifically for it. That way, there is consistency across different periodicals, but developers are still free to customize as they see fit. And, if I remember correctly, the Wired app is the one that went through some atrocious hack by Adobe to become iPad native; and from what I’ve read about it, you can tell it wasn’t built from the ground up for the device.

  4. @left brain

    Are things different elsewhere, outside of the US? In my experience, things always seemed more expensive in other countries, especially European countries. But maybe it’s different for digital products? Please, enlighten me.

  5. Maybe $3.99 a single issue… but how about a subscription rate.

    I terminated my WSJ for iPad subscription after nearly 3-months. I was not getting $18 a mo in value from it.

    There needs to be some sanity in pricing for traditional media as it moves to electronic media.

    That sanity needs to consider: (1) the customer is covering the bandwidth and hardware cost of receiving the media, (2) no printing costs, (3) no traditional distribution costs, and (4) I would theorize that marketing costs are less for electronic consumers than traditional dead-tree consumers.

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