Buh-bye Adobe Flash: Porn industry begins to drop Flash in favor of HTML5

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“While Adobe is rallying support for Flash, Apple receives support from a rather unexpected ally, the adult film industry,” Wolfgang Gruener reports for ConceivablyTech. “The founder of Digital Playground, one of the porn heavyweights in the U.S., told ConceivablyTech that it will abandon Flash as soon as the desktop browsers fully support HTML 5.”

“Critics of Flash typically claim that Adobe’s technology comes with plenty of bugs and a huge overhead that takes a toll on hardware performance, which is especially painful in devices with limited processing horsepower. I have always been careful with those claims as Adobe may be able to fix Flash problems and it clearly sees enough pressure to make Flash a much better platform that can survive,” Gruener reports. “‘Survive’ may be a strong word, but if you think about it, the current debate has turned into a format war. We have HTML 5, which is generally praised as the next major evolutionary step for HTML that automatically questions the future of Flash. Conceivably, Flash could co-exist next to HTML 5, but if we look at the possibilities that are provided by HTML 5, it is entirely possible that Flash will be obsolete in the not distant future. It is what Steve Jobs said. Flash was great, but it’s really on its way out and it’s time to look for, in Jobs’ words, the next horse to ride.”

“It is a no-brainer to predict that Flash will live and die with content… The adult film industry was able to influence and help win format wars in the past. It was the critical factor when VHS won over Beta and it is an open secret that Blu-ray also gained an advantage over HD-DVD because of porn – as the Playstation 3 indirectly promoted sales of high-res adult movies in much greater volumes than the HD DVD. All major adult film studios in the U.S. stopped producing HD DVDs more than three months before Toshiba announced that it would halt the format,” Gruener reports. “There is a good chance that the adult film industry will have a say in the HTML 5-Flash battle as well.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Buh-bye shiteous Flash video. Oh, and have a nice evening, lazy Adobe ingrates.


  1. whoops, meant to write:

    I hope they do a bang-up job in this, and don’t just screw around, because a little less flash penetration would be good for us all…

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