Ihnatko reviews iPhone 4: ‘Superb’

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!“It’s overreaching to say that the iPhone 4 defines a whole new class of phone … much less a whole new class of computing,” Andy Ihnatko writes for The Chicago Sun-Times. “No. It’s just superb next iteration of a phone that was pretty fab to begin with. It doesn’t even complicate consumers’ buying decision. Out with the old models, in with the new ones: the 16 gig model is $199; double the amount of storage for another $100. But it sharpens the distinction between the iPhone and 2010’s impressive graduating class of Android devices.”

“A month ago, I think you could have said that the differences between an iPhone 3GS running iPhone OS 3 and those of a Nexus One running the new edition of the Android OS were largely philosophical and political,” Ihnatko writes. “Today, iPhone and Android are once again two very different beasts. Declaring one to be the winner over the other is like betting on a fight between a hippo and a giant octopus. Each will have its fans and its supporters, but these are clearly two beasts with two very different ideas about how to stay on Darwin’s good side.”

Ihnatko writes, “The iPhone 4 isn’t a revolution. But damn, it’s interesting. It’s that first little turn of the focusing knob that makes the line between ‘phone’ and ‘computer’ a little tougher to make out. It seems to beg for high expectations.”

Full review – highly recommended – here.


  1. If the match is on land or in less than 4 feet of water, the hungry hippo wins big time.

    If the match is in more than 10 feet of water the giant octopus wins hands down.

    The 6 six feet between the two extremes is where the contestants should compete.

  2. There is no phone that can even compare to the iPhone 4 !!!!! Don’t know how people without a iPhone can enjoy there toy phone,,:( but I have two, one 3GS and ios4, it’s amazing the difference in screen resolution etc, loads of fun and enjoyment, I’m a little neurotic about having two phones but I’ll keep both,

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