Stores sell out of Apple’s iPhone 4 on launch day

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!“Hundreds of thousands of customers lined up Thursday at Apple Stores, hoping to nab the elusive new iPhone 4,” Jefferson Graham reports for USA Today. “By the end of the day, Apple’s latest iPhone was all but sold out across the U.S., including Chicago, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Portland, Ore., Miami and Charlotte.”

“Best Buy said it was sold out; RadioShack said it hoped to replenish its stock for the weekend,” Graham reports. “Wal-Mart said sales were ‘brisk’ and that it is working to get more phones. ‘They can’t get here soon enough,’ said Wal-Mart spokeswoman Melissa O’Brien.”

Graham reports, “Apple’s exclusive wireless partner, AT&T, won’t sell the phone to walk-in customers until Tuesday. Apple spokesman Steve Dowling wouldn’t say how quickly stores would get replenished. ‘The demand for iPhone 4 is off the charts,’ he said. ‘We are working hard to get them to everyone as quickly as possible.'”

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  1. In spite of everyone, including MDN it seems, hating Apple, ATT, and the crappy new phone with it’s yellow screen and poor reception; it sells out.
    Steve Jobs is such an evil person.


  2. @antenna

    I think the antenna issue is a wash for me. There is no question that the iPhone 4 gets better reception then 3GS. I get good reception in areas that 3GS used to drop calls. Just can’t hold the phone with left hand over lower left corner for extended periods of time. This later issue soon to be fixed with a bumper for me which I ordered before I had the phone. So really a non-issue for me.

  3. @antena

    I agree with PhxDoc. My iPhone 4 reception is great! I’m getting faster 3G speeds than ever.
    Having said that, I can do a speed test with and without holding it in the “death grip”, and there is definitely a difference. My 3G speed goes from 3mbps to 1mbps. It never drops enough for the little bars to actually go down, but the 3G speed is definitely reduced.
    For me, it’s just something for me to be aware of. I may get a bumper for it, if I think it’s causing me problems. Right now, I don’t think it is.

    One note: I live in a VERY arid climate, so my skin is normally pretty dry. I expect people who are seeing their bars drop with the “death grip” probably live in a more humid climate, so their skin isn’t so dry. Just a thought.

  4. @ PhxDoc and Vatdoro

    thats good to know, I guess it’s a “non-issue” then. I figured if it was as problematic as the press made it look, people would be invading apple stores but this time with returns, I havent heard of any returns yet on the press…

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