Google reportedly prepping Apple iTunes Store killer

“Google Inc. is expected to roll out a music download service tied to its search engine later this year, followed by a ‘cloud’-based subscription service in 2011, according to people familiar with the Internet giant’s discussions with the music industry,” Scott Morrison reports for MarketWatch.

MacDailyNews Take: Hey, Eric, you derivative creep: Yesterday, Steve Jobs wore a pink blouse with semi-matching pink cowgirl hat to work.

Morrison continues, “Google hasn’t made any specific proposals yet, but the nature of discussions with music companies suggest the Internet giant is likely to roll out its music services in two phases, said people who have been briefed on the talks. The launch of Google’s download music store is still months away, they said.”

“The launch of a Google music store would heighten tensions with Apple Inc., whose iTunes store is the leading U.S. digital music seller,” Morrison reports. “Google’s push into music retailing would be welcomed by music labels that are increasingly concerned about Apple’s dominant position among U.S. music retailers.”

“The first phase of Google’s music service is expected to be a Web store where users can buy and download tracks, music industry insiders said… But they cautioned that Google hasn’t yet made any specific proposals to the music labels, so the search giant’s plans aren’t entirely clear at this point,” Morrison reports. “These people also said the download store would be an ‘interim’ step toward what is expected to be a more ambitious cloud-based subscription service compatible with mobile phones built with Google’s Android software. A cloud-based service would enable subscribers to stream music directly from the Internet to their mobile phones, so that users wouldn’t need to store music files on their devices.”

Morrison reports, “Apple in the past several months bought and then shut down online music service, prompting widespread speculation it might also soon launch a new cloud-based version of its iTunes music store.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Google. The new Microsoft. Copy Apple poorly, copy Apple poorly, copy Apple poorly, then copy Apple poorly some more.


  1. Google is all microsoft history all over again. Apple trusted in Eric and opened the door to google start stealing apple’s secrets. But they will fall just like Microsoft did.

  2. Nowhere in the WSJ article does the author or google claim that it will be an “iTunes Killer.” Only MDN, in their continued shrill and unbalanced reporting, uses that term.

    Unless all of you think monopolies are a good thing, competition should be welcomed. I personally do not think iTunes is perfect. And competition forces improvement. Furthermore, despite the unsupported commentary provided by MDN, does anyone know that the google effort will not be competitive? I don’t.

    Google is an extremely successful company. They seem to be nimble. And they’re much more innovative than Microsoft, which really has a culture that lacks innovation. I think a good old war between google and Apple will be fun to watch and good for us.

    Get real MDN. Your crazy comments are really wearing thin.

  3. I expect this to be like the last dozen Google products: hastily cobbled together, given away for free to Google employees, especially YouTubers, with explicit instructions to hype the crap out of it for a week. Then we’ll see endless banner ads on every website imaginable for a month, then
    it willquietly fade away while they hype their next big thing.

  4. This is good news for one reason. If Google is talking about this that means that Apple is about to release subscription service through iTunes. They need to preempt the release with a carrot of their own to keep the fandroids happy.

  5. The dying music industry is probably begging Google to save them from the horrible, unfair, DRM free, monopolistic Apple. Too bad whatever Google rolls out will still be in beta long after these music industry dinosaurs have died off.

  6. I had to point this out: While you *can* have music stored on a *cough* card to use with your Android phone, you otherwise don’t have enough room for music and apps and any other content you might want to have. Google MUST offer streaming or they really can’t even pretend to compete.

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