Apple starts pre-orders for iPhone 4; AT&T struggles with eligibility checks

Apple has begun accepting pre-orders for their stunning iPhone 4 via Apple Store Online.

Apple Store Online and/or AT&T servers (AT&T is always sooo great at judging needed capacity) are currently experiencing tremendous sluggishness.

MacDailyNews pre-order attempts have resulted in timeouts or worse: During the eligibility checks, where we assume that Apple needs to talk to AT&T’s server — why do we imagine a lone Dell Dimension sitting unattended in an AT&T server room trying to handle this demand? — nothing seems to happen, plus entered data is lost and has to be re-entered constantly.

Finally, we got our orders through at approximately 9:01am EDT.

MacDailyNews Take: If this is due to demand, Apple’s got a nice problem to have – unless it’s incompetent AT&T’s fault yet again in which case Steve Jobs should consider finally waking up, smelling the coffee, and dealing with the fiasco that is Apple’s U.S. carrier problem.

AT&T has botched every iPhone launch. AT&T is uniformly unprepared and habitually under-capacity, but they are quite excellent at tarnishing the Apple brand. Wake up, Steve! Hellooo, Steve?

AT&T has proven to be incapable and unworthy of serving your customers, Apple. For years. What, if anything, are you going to do to correct the problem, Mr. Jobs? AT&T is a joke that ceased being funny in 2007.

If this is somehow not AT&T’s fault, we do not apologize to AT&T because they continue to suck regardless. If this debacle is Apple’s fault: Time to get on the ball and deploy some more Xserves, boys and girls.

Are you having the same difficulties pre-ordering your iPhone 4 online via Apple Store Online? If so, please let us know below. While you’re at it, let Apple CEO Steve Jobs know, too:

Add this most-recent SNAFU to Apple’s list: Apple Inc. needs a bit of a tune up – June 08, 2010


  1. Tried Apple… same experience you mentioned… currently “holding my nose” and going through ATT website. Pages are loading slow… thus I’m surfing MDN to pass the time. But it seems to be working so far.

  2. @MDN. You’re probably clicking too aggressively. Switch to decaf and don’t try buying 70 phones all at once. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  3. I am currently trying to slog through the process. Sluggish from the start. Okay just hit a wall:
    “We’re sorry, but there was an error processing your request. Please try again later.”
    Oh I will try again, and again and again if necessary.

  4. I’ve been trying since before 7am EDT. First, the store was off line. Now, it gets to the ATT upgrade confirmation page (from the Apple Store site) and I keep getting a “cannot process” message. Ugh.

    Jay in DC

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