Apple’s iPad is eligible for 50% tax rebate in Australia

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) says the iPad, and equivalent e-readers, or tablets, are deemed to be equivalent to a laptop, attracting a 50 percent education rebate, which technology experts say will boost sales even further,” APP reports. “‘An education tax refund may be claimed in relation to an eligible education expense,’ an ATO spokesman told AAP. ‘We accept that the costs of an iPad can be an eligible education expense.'”

“Taxpayers can get a refund of up to $375 for each primary school student and up to $750 per secondary school student,” APP reports. “‘If your expenses exceed your refund limit for the year, any excess can go towards your following year’s refund claim, as long as you are still eligible,’ according to the ATO guidelines.”

“The iPad, released in Australia on 28 May to much fanfare, retails at AU$629 for 16GB Wi-Fi version, and up to AU$1049 for the 64GB 3G model,” APP reports.

AAP reports, “Technology expert Charlie Brown said the tablets are a great fit for students because they are lighter than laptops. ‘By the ATO classing the tablet under that scheme allows families to choose the right technology that best fits the requirements of their kids’ education.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Then he left to go feed Snoopy. (ba-dum-chhh).


  1. I don’t mind the Australian Taxation Office helping to sell iPads for Apple. Just hope Obama does not see this and offer a 75% in the USA. Then Europe will have to go higher. Maybe 90% or 100%.

    So, how many will Apple sell? How many can Apple make?

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