Apple iPhone tops customer satisfaction survey by large margin

“The smart phone market has consistently shown explosive growth in ChangeWave surveys – and with manufacturers locked in an arms race to produce ever sleeker models with the newest technologies and fastest speeds, which ones are best meeting the nearly insatiable demands of consumers? To find out, ChangeWave asked 1,009 consumers who had purchased smart phones within the past six months to rate their new models and tell us why they chose them, how satisfied they are, and what they most like and dislike about them.

Customer Satisfaction Ratings

First, ChangeWave looked at customer satisfaction with the new smart phones respondents had purchased during the past six months.

The following chart shows the percentage who said they were Very Satisfied with the smart phone they’d purchased – broken out by manufacturer:

There are no surprises in terms of the industry leader. As in ChangeWave’s previous surveys, the Apple iPhone outperforms all others in terms of customer satisfaction – with 77% of new Apple owners reporting they’re Very Satisfied with the iPhone they purchased.

In comparison, only half of recent HTC buyers (51%) report they’re Very Satisfied with their smart phone, as do 46% of recent RIM buyers.

Likelihood of New Owners Returning Their Phone

Overall, just 14% of new owners reported they’re Likely to return or exchange their new smart phone for a different one (6% Very Likely; 8% Somewhat Likely). But when ChangeWave looks at the likelihood of returning smart phones by different manufacturers, they find stark differences:

Apple (7%) buyers were least likely to say they’d be returning or exchanging their new smart phone for a different one. In contrast, Palm buyers (36%) were most likely to say they’d return or exchange their new smart phone.

iPhone a Continuing Threat to Competitors

With rumors swirling about the release of a new iPhone that can be used on Verizon’s and Sprint’s CDMA cellular network, ChangeWave asked respondents whether they’d have still purchased their new smart phone if the iPhone had been available at their cellular service provider at the time of purchase.

The results show the continuing threat the iPhone poses to the rest of the industry.

Nearly one-in-three new smart phone buyers (32%) say they’d have instead bought the iPhone if it had been available at their service provider and another 29% said they don’t know.

Note that additional ChangeWave Smart Phone findings include:
• Customer Satisfaction Ratings for Top Smart Phone Models
• Reasons Why New Owners Chose Their Particular Smart Phone
• Key Likes and Dislikes
• Operating System Satisfaction Ratings

More information on the ChangeWave Smart Phone survey results here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’ve used Android phones. They’re all poor imitations of an iPhone. Using an Android phone after you’ve used an iPhone is both frustrating and humorous. The day Apple flips the switch on Verizon, is the day Google dreads. In countries where iPhone is available on multiple carriers, people don’t settle for Android-based fake iPhones.MacDailyNews Take, May 20, 2010


  1. And the iPhone just keep getting better!

    1/3 to 3/5 of the non AT&T;users want to get their service on the iPhone. Maybe RIMM will have to use a buy 1 get 4 free offer soon.

  2. Apple should make a Mobile AirPort 3G / 4 G for the car to offer a WiFi bridge to Verizon, Sprint and all those non tethered AT & T customers for all their iPhone, iPod, iPad and Macs. Start iChatting over the 3G and crush the Verizon, Sprint and AT & T services. We can call it a STRESS TEST and wake then all up!

  3. You’d think MDN would refuse to reprint Changewave surveys on sheer principle. They are using the ugliest PC-style charts from the 80s. Clearly, they don’t get it.

  4. In contrast, Palm buyers (36%) were most likely to say they’d return or exchange their new smart phone.

    Some poor soul commenting on was trying to claim that Palm’s poor showing here was a direct result of “Apple marketing”. Yes, really. His claim was that, while Palm customers were being more honest about Palm’s hardware woes, Apple customers would refuse to admit that their iPhones had any problems. Riiiiiiiight. Clearly, this person has never read comments from those of us who use Apple products – we’d complain like mad if the iPhone were a cheap piece of junk like the Palm phones!

    I almost feel bad for Palm fans who are this deluded… hopefully someone can gently reconnect him with reality.

  5. That PreCentral site has most incredibly deluded fanbois… Compared to them, we, the Apple (and Mac) fans come across as totally indifferent.

    There are 13 pages of comments about HP’s acquisition and CEO’s statement about HP not acquiring Palm to enter into smartphone business (but instead to get WebOS for their slate devices). The statement was as clear as it gets that HP doesn’t care about Pre or Pixi and acquired Palm ONLY for its Web OS IP. Yet, virtually all of the comments were twisting the statement to mean that HP will continue to build and develop phones. That stuff is just precious!

    Palm is really a hopeless joke today. The 3-year trend continues unabated, with the undisputed king of the hill continuing to rule the mobile world.

  6. I recently took my Macbook in for repair and when it was returned to me there was a 1/2 inch long, black hair protruding from the side of the screen! The tech’s hair is embedded in the side of my computer so much so that I can’t even pull it out. Not to mention, Apple charged me $800 for this repair and the hair isn’t the only thing I’m dissatisfied with. My wireless is horrible. The connection fades in and out constantly, even if I stay in that same place. Needless to say, I’m not thrilled about anything Apple has done to “fix” my computer. Can I upload a picture to this post? b/c i wish you all could see this hair thing. It’s the most disgusting sight ever. I thought one of Apple’s main selling points was aesthetic value…not in my case. I’m starting to think that Apple is over-rated and over-priced. Here’s my scenario, $2,500 later, I have a wireless-incapable, white box with a long black chin hair.

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