RUMOR: Verizon Wireless currently testing CDMA-compatible Apple iPads

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“According to a highly placed source of ours, Verizon Wireless is currently testing Apple iPad devices on their network,” The Boy Genius repots.

“We have been told that the model they are testing is a CDMA-compatible device, and while our source mentioned LTE in some capacity (possibly another model), we haven’t been able to independently confirm that part of it,” BGR reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: A little birdy tells us “Something big is coming soon.”


  1. Android momentum will be brought to an abrupt halt should Apple and Verizon get in bed together like this. The ATT exclusivity agreement was the best thing that ever happened to those punks at Google.

  2. You can feel the intensity in this latest batch of rumors.

    Some, all, or none of them may be true, but I agree, something big HAS to be coming!!!

    I can’t wait for WWDC!

  3. Listen to Steve at D8. He talks about when hey build they build to world standards like GSM. CDMA is not a world standard, LTE yes is the next thing but it’s full world wide standard is not yet set. Sorry the only way you’ll see the ipad or iPhone on Verizon is with a mifi.

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