Apple patent reveals e-wallet companion app ‘Shopping’ –  designed to act as private shopping guide

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Let’s be honest here. Finding a sales person in a department store these days is getting harder and harder to find, let alone finding one that’s well informed or product savvy,” Jack Purcher writes for Patently Apple. “So what’s the next best thing?”

“Well, according to a new Apple patent, the answer will likely come in the form of a new e-Wallet companion application that will act as your very own private shopping guide,” Purcher reports. “Apple’s future e-wallet companion application is simply identified as ‘Shopping’ for now. The app is designed to read RFID tag on products and then on-demand – send you to the manufacturer’s web site to get a fuller explanation of what product xyz is all about. It could come in the form of a brochure, presentation or video. Apple introduces us to the concept of creating active shopping lists and will eventually offer us the ability to get in-store maps which is a great idea when you’re shopping at mega stores such as IKEA. Yet, it must be said that this application could be mildly controversial in that it taps into the whole privacy debate that is front and center in technology news cycles these days. Although Apple is only one of a few companies that I still trust in the marketplace today, there’s still cause to be a little cautious.”

Full article, with patent app illustrations, here.


  1. I agree with the author that we all want an e-wallet but security is paramount. Apple is going to have to really bend over backwards to ensure us that we’re safe making transactions. One goof and the whole house of cards could come down on Apple like it is on facebook. The dream of it is sweet though.

  2. Apple will have to come up with some kind of far out scheme like an 800 number to call if we’re robbed so that they could kill our data instantly on your all things financial.

  3. I like the in store map idea but all of this is a year away or whenever wimax or 4g arrives at AT&T;. Then things could get interesting. If anyone could pull off an iwallet, it’s definitely Apple. Let’s hope a new generation of security software comes preinstalled on this thing.

  4. @Gabriel. You’re right 100%. But some would prefer if security had a bigger brand in security behind it that’s 100% dedicated to security and mobile security specifically. I’m not sure that Apple has that reputation. This is an iWallet, not just a phone.

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