Wired moves 24,000 iPad apps in first 24 hours – at $4.99 a pop

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Wired magazine sold 24,000 copies of its Wired iPad app [US$4.99] in the first 24 hours it was available in Apple’s iTunes store, company executives said,” John C. Abell reports for Wired. “The app was released shortly after midnight Tuesday.”

MacDailyNews Note: 24,000*$4.99=$119.760.

Abell reports, “Wired magazine sells about 82,000 single copies on newsstands every month and has about 672,000 subscribers.”

Abell reports, “The real test for Wired magazine (and everyone else) will be to continue to meet high reader expectations once any novelty aspect wears off, and to come up with a subscription model as quickly as possible.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As long as they understand that it’s unsustainable at that price (try $2.99 per issue, at the very most, and also a reasonable annual subscription rate), congrats to Wired!


  1. I heard at a user group meeting last night that Wired is using 3rd party extensions in InDesign that allow it to kick out a version that works on the iPad. Don’t know how, but maybe someone else does.

  2. i’m all looking at this wrong, but wouldn’t digital media be more cost efficient? you avoid paying for paper, real estate, gas, trucks, staff, et al. i think they are just gouging us to see how far they can push.

  3. If they are generating the digital app from the print production work product, they ought to be able to easily provide a subscription price in line with their print edition. And earn higher margins in the process. The app contains all the advertising in the print version. No print, no mailing. Being able to deliver content to multiple channels (print/iOS apps/other platform apps) from a single work flow will be the killer app in publishing. Can it be that Adobe is the company to make this happen. Seems so.

  4. @Spark,

    Certainly much of the content comes from the print content, but you’re really missing out on the whole experience of what the iPad app does. It has all kinds of stuff not possible in print. The production value is pretty incredible.

    I would easily pay *more* for the iPad version of Wired than the print version because it’s far more engaging and convenient for me. I was one who purchased as soon as it was available.

  5. @ Spark

    I’m curious to see if magazine advertisers will capture more customers from digital editions, since the reader can just click on a link to go directly to the product. I know that sometimes I’ll see an ad for something interesting just to forget about it later.

  6. I bet they would have sold over 100,000 apps in the first 24 hours if the price was reasonable. $4.99 per issue is plain ridiculous.

    You can get the print edition for $0.88 an issue with a 3 year subscription. The iPad app is basically $5 an issue! Are you kidding Wired?!!! I love Wired, but I’m not paying $5 per issue.

    I emailed Wired the day their app was announced and told them my feelings. Think about it, would you rather sell 24,000 apps at $4.99? Or sell 100,000 apps at $1.99 or $2.99? I guarantee they would sell many times more apps at a lower price point and make much more money overall. Plus get their digital magazine (and the included advertising) in front of WAY more people.

    Pretty stupid pricing.

  7. @ flirtsquirt

    The price has little to do with how cost-effective one medium is versus another. The print price is what it is because that’s what the market will support. Wired will try find a balance between profit per magazine sold and total revenue to maximize overall profit, and that’s the price per issue. The same thing will happen to the e-version.

    They used $4.99 initially to take advantage of the novelty aspect. If they want to sell more going forward and make less per unit because that will provide greater overall profit through increased sales, they will lower the price. But at some point, lowering the price will generate less overall profit. They will then know the “optimal” price per issue for the e-version.

  8. @ Chris,

    I bet you’re not the only one either. We’ll see about the next issue.

    Honestly I don’t care if they charge $100 an issue, good for them, someone’s probably dumb enough to pay that much. I just think that they would be smart to learn a lesson from the app store and price it at $.99 and if they did I think they’d make a mint.

    At $.99, they also have a chance (that doesn’t come along very often anymore) to introduce Wired to a whole new audience that maybe never even picked up their print edition. How much is that worth??

    And let’s also not forget that even at $2.99 or $.99 there are still ads in the mag.

  9. “And let’s also not forget that even at $2.99 or $.99 there are still ads in the mag.”

    And Wired can charge the advertisers more depending on the readership. The cheaper the app is the more it will sell. The more it sells the more Wired can charge for advertising. Seems like pretty simple logic to me.

    Hopefully Wired will reduce the price soon, and I will pay as soon as they do.

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