RBS downgrades Adobe; slashes price target from $46 to $36

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“RBC Capital analyst Robert Breza this morning downgraded Adobe Systems (ADBE) shares to Sector Perform from Outperform, cutting his price target to $36, from $46,” Eric Savitz reports for Barron’s.

“The analyst says the stock is likely to retreat after the coming launch of the latest version of its flagship Creative Suite software line – and he says the ongoing debate with Apple (AAPL) over Flash could cause lingering issues,” Savitz reports.

Breza wrote in a research note, “‘In addition, we can’t ignore the Apple/HTML5 [issue], overhang which will likely continue to constrain the stock multiple.'” Savitz reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The chickens are coming home to roost, lazy Adobe ingrates.


  1. “…after the coming launch of the latest version of its flagship Creative Suite software line….”

    “Coming?” It’s been out for almost a month. I’m running PS CS5 right now.

    Didn’t do the CS4 upgrade, because, typical of Adobe, the few new features really didn’t work. They finally have them functioning in CS5. LightRoom is still snappier than Aperture unfortunately.

    One of these days, somebody not so lazy is going to blow Adobe’s Creative Suite off the map.

  2. I have been testing the CS5 Design Premium, at least to me is worth every penny. Yet I do use every single one of there components and I am proficient in all of them, so to me, it’s a very good upgrade. Photoshop is wicked fast on my Mac Pro.

  3. Look, Flash is dead. Everyone but Adobe knows this, even Google. They’re playing up the rift in order to curry some short term favor, but Google knows HTML5 is the future. All the hang wringing is almost silly.

    On the other hand, despite the fact that it’s still not a proper Cocoa OS X app (don’t get me started on all the interface issues), Photoshop CS5 is simply brilliant. The rest of the CS5 suite is sort of a “meh” update, but the new features in Photoshop are incredible time savers.

    More updates like Photoshop CS5 and Adobe will be fine. Worry less about Flash and put their energy into making Dreamweaver the best damn HTML5 editor on the market and they’ll be in top shape. They might also try working with, rather than against, Apple for a change. Considering that a full half of their creative customers are Mac users, their anti-Apple stance the past few years is beyond comprehension.

  4. Adobe forgets that by making anti-Apple noise, it calls even more attention to its bloated, buggy, and overpriced products and its scam to extort money from customers by calling bug fixes as upgrades. Not a penny from me to Adopy.

  5. Apple at 227.87 billion Msft at 228.7 billion

    at 2 est.

    I predict that Apple and Microsoft will bounce back and forth for a week or so as the market giggles then Apple will continue up and Microsoft will continue down.

    June 7 WWDC.

    Just a thought,

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