New York Yankees ban Apple iPads at stadium

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“This weekend is an exciting one here in NYC – the Subway Series comes to Citi Field,” Allen Stern reports for CenterNetworks. “The matchup is between the Mets and the Yankees.”

Stern reports, “However if you are planning to attend a Yankees home game at Yankee Stadium, leave that iPad at home! The security policies page notes that laptops are not allowed inside Yankee Stadium along with any video equipment. Apparently Yankees Stadium officials have decided that the iPad poses a safety risk… Check out this story of a woman who attempted to bring her iPad into Yankee Stadium.”

Stern reports, “Apparently iPads are welcome at Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox… One might think the MLB would want devices like the iPad to be used while at the game.”

MacDailyNews Note: Yeah, especially with apps like ESPN iScore Baseball Scorekeeper (US$9.99) and At Bat 2010 for iPad (US$14.99) available.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, even after giving Johnny Damon the heave ho, The Yankees aren’t too smart. Comparing them to the Red Sox just isn’t fair. Perhaps the MLB itself, which has consistently made the very best major league sports apps for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, will intervene in order to get iPad admittance into the Stankee’s history-free bandbox.


  1. Bet someone is already working on the realtime scorecard for the ipad – and camera feeds from cool perspectives – and food ordering and payment – and some other really cool apps for increasing fan enjoyment of games…

    Roger Goodell has talked about the need to improve the fan experience at games for the nfl to avoid becoming at TV sport. Think about how cool it would be to have access to in game stats – and replays from a variety of angles – and highlights – and sideline audio and again being able to order a beverage or food from your seat…

    Give this to season ticket holders – charge a fee for single games.

  2. I wish the NHL would come out with an app like MLB’s, but with them having the exclusive deal with Verizon fat chance…unless of course Verizon does get the iPhone…

  3. all the haters out there. Gotta love them.

    Me in LA. You come from an are that has great financial advice out there huh and talk about wasting money.

    Bringing the iPad in would be great. But I understand that the Yankees want to protect the fans and their butts from a lawsuit from getting hit by a player or ball. But this rule should only apply to the lower levels.

    And it’s pretty sad the next three teams combine doesn’t even match how many rings the Yanks have one. Bow down and kiss the rings.

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