Microsoft Kin concert promo leads fans on merry chase

“Free concerts. Open bar. Big names. Small venues. The catch? You’ve got to find them first, and only a string of tweets, texts, Facebook updates and blog posts will lead you there,” Emily Fredrix reports for The Associated Press.

“Microsoft Corp. is combining social media and detective work to market its new Kin cell phone by throwing surprise concerts with bands such as Passion Pit and The Black Keys in four cities this month,” Fredrix reports.

“Garrett Wilson waited nearly 4 hours in line to see The Black Keys in New York on Saturday night. He said he came for the music and had never heard of the Kin. The 36-year-old saw postings on the rock band’s Facebook page on Friday, and learned the show would be in Tribeca, with the final location announced at 5 p.m. Saturday. So just before then, the 36-year-old positioned himself in Tribeca on his motorcycle waiting,” Fredrix reports.

Fredrix reports, “He used his iPhone to figure out the location from the band’s Facebook page.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We just couldn’t resist. smirk

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Cubert” for the heads up.]


  1. Microsoft has a problem of promoting the iPhone. It is still a question if Ballmer is on the Apple payroll. The evidence sure seems to point that way.

    If he is or is not, may Ballmer continue until Microsoft finishes off Microsoft!

  2. Love it!! Used his “iPhone to find” where Micro$hit was GIVING AWAY it’s most ridiculous NEW failure in the making, phone, which is meant to also be an “iPhone Killer” – Uh huh & I’m Santa

    Windozzz or is it WinBlows?

  3. @Jamie,
    The Kin is no more a competitor to the iPhone than are any of the dozens of other “feature phones” on the market. Just like dozens of car manufacturers and models co-exist and compete in different markets and segments, so too will the iPhone and Kin.

  4. Is it just me or is “Kin” the stupidest name ever given to anything other than your family.
    You know those people you went to school with that just never quite had a grasp of reality? The ones who would tell a joke and the entire room went quiet? They all work at Microslop.

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