MSNBC writer: ‘Apple’s iPad is useless’

HOT Apple Computers + FREE Shipping“Steve Jobs may blackball me for writing this, or even thinking it, but I think you should know: The iPad is useless. Beautiful, but useless,” Josh Belzman writes for MSNBC. “The iPad is unwieldy eye candy. It’s an aluminum- and glass-wrapped homewrecker. Just two days with it led me to appreciate my lowly laptop and undersized smartphone more, and Apple’s design sense less.”

“The iPad is too heavy. It’s awkward to hold and view in public. It’s fragile. It requires expensive accessories to protect it and extract more functionality,” Belzman writes. “There aren’t enough killer apps, at least apps that do anything more than their iPhone equivalent. Its wireless reception is spotty and if you’re an iPhone owner, 3G access will set you back on top of your AT&T plan and give you all the same fits. The iPad does almost nothing your smartphone or laptop can’t already do and will cost you more to do it unless you get rid of something.”

“I figured the iPad would offer better Web-browsing on the bus, better reading from bed, better note-taking at work and better movie-watching on a flight. It would save my waning eyesight and offer new interactive media experiences as apps improved. It would fill an aching void in my digital life,” Belzman writes. “Except it didn’t. I didn’t even give it a chance.”

Belzman writes, “As soon as I got the iPad home and plugged it into my laptop to load up with pictures, movies, songs and apps and looked over at my iPhone, I started freaking out. What had I done?

“Soon, my suspicions were confirmed: My hands cramped trying to hold the deceptively heavy iPad. My neck ached as I balanced it on my lap trying to watch a movie. I couldn’t get Web pages to load. It wobbled when I put it on a table. I was scared to walk around with it for fear of dropping it or being heckled. I felt like an idiot surfing the Web on the iPad as I listened to the radio on my iPhone. I looked around sheepishly as I shuffled headphones from one device to the other. Cash registers clanged in my head as I thought about all the money I’d need to spend apping up, accessorizing and enabling true wireless connectivity. I was in agony,” Belzman writes. “Then it struck me like a ton of iPads: This thing is a bombshell that’s lousy in the sack and puts you in the poorhouse.”

“You figure a portable, Web-enabled touchscreen with an ever-growing world of apps would be perfect for so many things until you try to find a place for it in your house full of gadgets,” Belzman writes. “I had to dump the iPad. The longer I had it, the more I felt like I was cheating on my other portable devices and denying their virtue… I ended up selling it to a guy who already owned an iPad but was looking to upgrade to the 3G model. He said he was still trying to figure out what to do with it. He confessed he’d probably sell it to someone else. Ah, the circle of iLife.

Full article – Think Before You Click™here.

MacDailyNews Note: Microsoft owns 18% of MSNBC. And the fear is palpable.

Some traditional PC folks feel like their world is slipping away. It is.Steve Jobs, May 17, 2010


  1. All the same comments can be made of Rachel Maddow’s “personal appliances”.
    Seriously, does anyone care what anyone on MSNBC thinks about anything? There’s a shift in the rides, and Campbell Brown saw it coming. She at least had the honesty to quit because her ratings were bad. When will Olbermann and Maddow do the same? Even Chris Matthews is trying to change. CHRIS “I GET A SHIVER IN MY LEG” MATTHEWS!

  2. The funny thing about that headline is that it popped up in an MDN Notifier on my iPad while the iPad is streaming Google’s IO Keynote address, as I work on my MacBook.

    I haven’t read the article, but is is such a dumb statement I don’t know if I can get past the title… sort like, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Still haven’t seen that movie.

  3. I swear he just admitted there it replaced it other devices, yet it didn’t give it a chance, dread to think what chance the others get, first switch on ?

    Also better web browsing on the bus, check it is amazing, reading in bed (with rotation lock is great) note taking he obviously never looked at evernote which I use every day now at college for revision. He clearly did something wrong to not get web pages to load probably went to his own site. 4.0 brings multitasking for his ‘radio’ who even listens to radio it has an iPod !

    I feel like I just wrote a mac daily news note ! :p

  4. “fear of being heckled” – What does he mean be that? I get mobbed with questions when I have mine. I have never see so much interest in a device that I carry. Almost everyone asks something about it. This guy had no problem finding somebody to buy it, so some people seem to disagree with him.

  5. what a whiny little bitch, this guy needs some testoterone along with a good dose of grey matter. “My hands hurt, my neck hurts, my eyes crossed”. Bet his wife is real happy with him. What a shlong.

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