Apple v. Psystar: Psystar files opening brief in appeal

Apple StoreWorld of Apple reports, “As per the agreed extension between the parties, Psystar filed its Opening Brief with the Ninth Circuit yesterday. However, the entire thing was filed under seal.”

“Apple’s response is due June 16, 2010, but as per a letter from Attorney Camara included with the filing, Psystar would not oppose a reciprocal extension if Apple should require one,” World of Apple reports. “At this point, it is unknown how much of this case will actually be available for public review, but I shall stay on top of it and report back”

World of Apple reports, “I did find the following section of the Stipulated Protective Order of general interest as to the agreement of the parties dealing with the production of Software Code.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “rimshot” for the heads up.]


  1. @MDN
    I really wouldn’t mind not hearing anything more about this until there is a final result. Stories telling us that there is nothing to report because the files are sealed are a bit of a bore. So, while I recognize that it was newsworthy to report the beginning of the trial, please save any further reporting for the verdict. Thank you.

  2. The coffin makers are good to go with these gen x ‘I am a victim, waaa’ asswipes.

    They echo the christian right in the US. Flush their ass down the commode.

  3. I wouldn’t worry about Psystar at this point. Appeals fail 75% of the time, and Psystar’s case was awfully weak to begin with. Psystar really needs a miracle at this point.


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