MacDailyNews releases free MacDailyNews app for Apple iPad

MacDailyNews is pleased to announce the release of version 2.2.1 of our free MDN (MacDailyNews) app on Apple’s iTunes App Store.

The MacDailyNews app is now designed for both iPad and iPhone/iPod touch.

With MacDailyNews in your pocket, even on the go, you won’t miss a story.

Version 2.2.1 contains bug fixes for iPad, fixes external article display for iPhone and iPod touch, fixes multi-page comment viewing issue, and performance improvements.

Thanks to everyone who helped us identify issues during the soft launch of version 2.2.0!

Just like MacDailyNews, the MDN app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch features daily news about Apple, Mac OS X, the Macintosh platform, iPad, iPhone, and iPod, and more. It’s where the Mac community goes to discuss these daily Apple-related news items in their own words with real-time Reader Feedback.

The MDN app offers Push Notifications When enabled, the MDN app will notify users when each new article is posted.

As always, to control Push Notifications (Sounds, Alerts, Badges), on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, tap Settings>Notifications>MDN.

We have now switched fully from Google’s AdMob to Apple’s Quattro Wireless. If you are asked for permission to use your device’s location services, that is for Quattro Wireless (Apple Inc.) to deliver more relevant ads to you. If you decline, your ads will likely be less useful to you; you might get ads for snow shovels in Singapore or ads for a Seattle pizza place in New York City. The minimal amount of ads (1 per page on front, 3 per page in articles) remains exactly the same in this latest version of the app (however, we are currently testing some new Quattro Wireless formats, so thanks for your patience) and the amount of ads is unaffected by your decision to allow localization info or not.

Features include:
•- Quick, up-to-the minute Apple-related news headlines
•- Visited headlines change color; so you know what you’ve read at a glance
– Push notifications
•- Easy-to-read layouts for both portrait and landscape modes
– New iPad features and displays for both portrait and landscape modes
– Full article display with dynamic Reader Feedback
– One-button tap for instant, dedicated feedback
– Easy login screen for registered users
– AAPL stock ticker with NASDAQ index

New in version 2:
– Now even faster (snappy!)
– Save articles for offline viewing
– Push notifications text mirrors the article’s headline
– Adjust and save your font size settings
– Larger Reader Feedback text input area
– Share stories easily on Facebook, Twitter, or email without leaving the app

New in version 2.2.1:
– Bug fixes for iPad
– Fixes external article display for iPhone and iPod touch
– Fixes multi-page comment viewing issue
– Performance improvements.

MacDailyNews’ MDN app was developed by Gareth and Andy at Great Big Apps. Thanks guys!

We hope you find MacDailyNews is now even more usable and enjoyable on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch!

More info, screenshots, and download link via Apple’s iTunes App Store here.

MacDailyNews UPDATE: We are working on a fix for the iPad’s left column bug and hope to have it submitted and in the App Store ASAP. Thank you for your patience.


  1. Had to delete iPhone version from iPad to install iPad version of MDN.

    iPad app looks wonderful, great use of space..

    And did I say schnappy too?!

  2. Sorry but it sucks. The buttons lacks touch responsiveness. The app crashes on saving articles. The speed on loading articles is painfull. The only feature that I like is those alerts. It is much better to use a web icon.

  3. Is “sucks” the very best you can do with your limited vocabulary? How sad for you. Actually, it appears as if there’s a job for you out there as a QA specialist for software companies! Your expertise in such matters is clearly rare and unparalleled. I bet you could make a fortune selling your insights to one and all!

    BTW: What is “painfull”?

  4. I’m still having the same problem as with the previous version. In landscape orientation, the pop-out article listing only works for the first tap. After that I must refresh the article listings to select a different article. Please get this fixed.

  5. Was a little slow to load up at first, but upon comparing my 3G to my WiFi, I think it might be network. I like the Mail-style appearance, and while a couple of buttons were not immediately responsive, overall it is a good effort. Yes, there are RSS readers for the iPad (I use Feeddler), but they all have problems. This is a decent specific-purpose app, that is an example, or at least coulee be, of what Jobs has in mind.

  6. @MDN, two points: I agree with Switcheroo, can you pick a post for a free iPad? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” /> Second point, your app is slow to load on the iPhone (I have the 3GS) and has a several second delay when I hit the Back button. Even so, I prefer the app to a few “other” Apple news apps. Keep the updates coming! And THANK YOU!

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