Apple patent application reveals multifunctional 3D Widgets for Mac OS X, iPhone OS

“A week ago today, a new patent of Apple’s surfaced detailing a future OS X 3D feature relating to ambient light,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“In today’s published patent, Apple takes their future OS dashboard into hyper-drive with 3D widgets,” Purcher reports. “These next generation 3D widgets will actually provide different features, attributes and/or distinct functionality depending on which side of the widget you click on. The user will be able to lift and rotate the widgets to expose these various functions and could be an extraordinary tool that will save you time and useless repetitiveness.”

Purcher writes, “With Google running scared of Apple’s possible next moves and/or ramp-up into 3D variations of OS X and iPhone OS, they just acquired BumpTop on May 2, 2010… The question becomes, what does Google know about Apple’s 3D operating systems that have them on the run?”

Much more in the full article, including patent application illustrations, here.


  1. If the iphone can still be jailbroken, so what with all the new cool functions n patented features. It will be make those pirates user be more happy enjoying the so called features n free apps.

  2. The issues with Bumptop are exactly the same ones Apple has dealt with repeatedly and likely will continue to as long as people keep insisting that power=complexity.

    I don’t want to call tech support or the IT department or take a damn class to learn how to run something. I don’t want to have to FIX something caused by a software conflict. I want to get done what I want, when I want as quickly and simply as possible.

    Trying to remember 14 different hand gestures to do something is nucking futz…

    It takes tremendous intelligence, taste, and restraint to make something SIMPLE be powerful. It’s an aesthetic approach missing from almost every application ever written for Windows or any Windows OS including the new one.

    The iPhone OS will evolve but will do so elegantly, incrementally, and do so in a way that actually lifts everyone’s sensibility. That’s what Apple does.

  3. will be interesting if they do this… I wonder when Bumptop came out and who’s patent came first. I remember seeing this a while ago.. but not sure about bumptop

  4. I like 3D and Apple will do it tastefully like they did with the iBook image and flipping-page feature. A lot of people whine at every possible change and it’s funny hearing it from the Mac community who’s supposedly following a leader. I trust Apple will intro 3D within 3 years and we’ll love it.

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