Warner’s Middlebronfman now full of praise for Apple; Tip-toes around iTunes subscription idea

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Last quarter, Warner Music Group CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr scolded Apple for introducing variable track pricing too late and eagerly predicted a new wave of subscription digital music services ‘dwarving’ the iTunes Store on which labels depend so much,” Robert Andrews reports for paidContent.

“This quarter, he’s full of praise for Cupertino, ahead of what many anticipate will be the launch of just that kind of subscription service from Apple,” Andrews reports. “iTunes’ contribution to labels is now only growing significantly outside the U.S., but – after announcing six percent lower sales, Bronfman told analysts on WMG’s Q2 conference call: ‘The flight to iTunes and iPhone continues.’ Amongst the praise Bronfman heaped: ‘Apple has proved to be the most adept software and hardware manufacturer out there in delivering content to consumers in a seamless and very attractive consumer experience. No-one’s gotten very rich betting against Steve Jobs – and I don’t want to be the first to do it.'”

Andrews reports, “WMG recently benefitted from Apple’s acquisition of subscription web service Lala, in which WMG invested. But, when investment analysts finally got around to asking Bronfman whether Apple’s closing Lala suggests an upcoming subscription iTunes, Bronfman took careful, evasive action…”

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MacDailyNews Take: Edgar was, is, and will likely always be cuckoo for coconuts.


  1. “Apple has proved to be the most adept software and hardware manufacturer out there in delivering content to consumers in a seamless and very attractive consumer experience.”

    Apple has also proved to be the most adept at selling music. More adept than you, Edgar. Steve Jobs and Apple have saved your industry’s collective butt despite your objections, and then run a clinic on how to run it correctly.

    Keep puckering, Edgar – it’s the smartest thing you’ve done in years….

  2. How do the current content creators (the artists) feel about subscriptions?

    I do not see where it would favor them at all, how do you divy up proceeds to thousands of artists when you charge a customer to access the entire catalog?

    Sounds like a greed record company plan to make more money off the artists without paying them for the use..

    I really do not understand why the artists haven’t started a collective and worked with Apple to just go direct to iTunes and skip all the physical goods and associated costs. Talk about a green initiative! I see no reason in this age to ever buy a physical cd again. I see even less reason to produce them..

  3. Adobe will suffer if they don’t get a new CEO and change their attitude and performance.
    Actually, they are going to suffer anyway in at least the short term.
    They deserve it.

  4. For a family that made its millions selling illicit booze to Al Capone and his ilk, it’s more than ironic that little Eddie has attempted to turn himself into the Elliot Ness of the entertainment industry.

  5. Edgar has pissed away most of his family’s fortune and as soon as Universal dies, he’s broke.

    It’s a shame. The Bromfman Dynasty was Canada’s answer to the USA’s Kennedy Dynasty. They both belonged to minority religious sects. Kennedys were Catholic. Bromfmans were Jews. They both got their starts as bootleggers. They both used their illegal earnings to build a place for themselves in high society.

    One other thing, they both ended up being irrelevant today.

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