Apple ascendent amidst gleaming prospects as Microsoft faces muddy future

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“The computer industry is undergoing a transition to web services and mobile hardware, neither of which are dominated by Microsoft.,” Robert X. Cringely writes for Reuters. “Yet in each Apple holds a leadership role. So while Microsoft can continue to live off Windows and Office fat for years to come, absent some very dynamic product initiatives, the long term trend for Redmond is far from good.”

“The trend line is definitely up for Apple and mildly down for Microsoft. It took 13 years to do it, but Apple is well positioned now to take Microsoft’s crown. I mean it… But that doesn’t mean that Apple’s success is guaranteed any more than is Microsoft’s failure,” Cringely writes. “If Apple is going to maintain its momentum it will have to take on bigger and bigger competitors, which Steve Jobs seems eager to do. Not just Microsoft, in this case we’re talking about the publishing, broadcasting, and movie industries, as Apple moves to dominate those media the way it already does music. Microsoft is nowhere to be seen in any of these venues.”

Cringely writes, “Microsoft, on the other hand, is still a mighty company earning $1 billion per month and determined to remain a factor in American life. But is it the social and cultural force Apple has become? No, nor was it ever. Will both companies still be huge in five years? Sure. In 10 years? That’s an interesting question.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bob C.” for the heads up.]


  1. The youth of today are the business leaders of tomorrow… Guess what, they’re all Mac, iPhone & iPad users who will probably never join forces with Microflop…

    Ouch, the truth hurts donnit…

  2. What I’ve been saying for years is “all in good time”. The time is NOW. MS is dying and they don’t even know it. Apple is thriving and the pundits are finally taking notice. The iPad was the final nail in the coffin – MS with their Tablet PC was a joke and a half. Why are iPads flying off store shelves? Because its the epitome of COOL. And it does so much more than most of us can even imagine. Medical applications. Education. Research. You name it – if there isn’t an app for it yet, there will be.

    Buh-bye, Monkey Boy. Don’t drown in your sweaty armpits.

  3. I’ve long thought that in 2020, Microsoft will be as relevant as IBM is today. That is, it will be around, it will be important in certain segments of the industry, but most folks do not think of them or realize they use their products on a daily basis. Microsoft will become the maker of some behind the scenes products.

    @ breeze

    Microsoft incorporated in December, 1975. Apple incorporated April 1, 1976. So I would say your statement is false.

  4. @Pk9

    The only thing IMHO that attracts teens to a windows PC is gaming. Until Mac gaming closes the gap w/ the PC world (note I said Mac not iPad or iPod touch) windows will still be popular the younger crowd.

    If M$ ever loses that advantage they’ll loose the next generation.

  5. Pray for Ballmer to keep the leadership role. He’s doing a great job, and needs to stay in that position until he retires. I like his strategy, I like it a lot. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  6. @breeze
    alternatively, without apple we would now be in a world of hideous drm-infested and totally controlled, crippled media with no choice other than WMA and WMV.

    It’s not like MS didn’t have a plan, they did. They failed. Time alone will tell if the dream of the parasites will yet become reality.

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