Nokia warns on profits as it delays ‘iPhone killer’; shares plunge

TiVo - 10% off coupon code SAVE10“Nokia has warned on profits as it battles to compete with bitter rivals Research In Motion, maker of the BlackBerry, and Apple, as well as the growing threat from handsets based on Google’s Android platform,” Richard Wray reports for The Guardian.

“Shares in the Finnish firm plunged almost 14% as it announced worse-than-expected results over the first quarter, when it was forced to slash its prices,” Wray reports. “There is speculation that further price cuts could be on the way as it battles to maintain its market share.”

“It confirmed the widespread speculation that it has delayed the launch of devices based on the newest version of its Symbian mobile phone software,” Wray reports. “The company has yet to produce a handset that can compete directly with Apple’s iPhone in the very top end of the smartphone market and there are hopes that the Symbian^3 software platform will enable Nokia to regain some of its former magic.”

Wray reports, “But Nokia said in its statement today that while it plans to launch the first smartphone based on the platform in the second quarter of this year, shipments are not expected until the third quarter, three months later than the market had hoped. The phone in question is widely believed to be the Nokia N8, a touchscreen phone that has a mammoth 12-megapixel camera. Nokia hopes it will compete head-on with the next generation of the iPhone – expected in the summer – as well as Android handsets such as Google’s Nexus One…”

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, how, oh, who will they ever manage to compete with the Nexus One?

We grow tired of all the ill-concieved attempts of “journalists” to incessantly, nonsensically, and moronically equate also-rans with Apple. Therefore, a reality break is in order:
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Wray continues, “Today’s results showed how desperately the company needs a so-called ‘iPhone killer’ … ‘We continue to face tough competition with respect to the high end of our mobile device portfolio, as well as challenging market conditions on the infrastructure side,’ admitted chief executive Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s iPhone is ‘niche product.’Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, April 17, 2008

Wray continues, “The company warned that it expects operating margins in its devices and services business to be between 9% to 12% in the second quarter of 2010, compared with 12.1% in the first quarter and 15.4% in the last quarter of 2009. There is speculation that the company is planning price cuts of up to 10% in an effort to regain market share.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Welcome to Dell-land, Nokia. You won’t be able to make it up in volume, either.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Too Hot!” for the heads up.]


  1. Connecting Losers™. You won’t start winning anything until you first clean house. Fire His Highness Anssi ‘the idiot’ Vanjoki, then give OPK his walking papers.

    Thats for starters.

    Then, Ojanpera needs to be sent packing yesterday … he is the real dunce.

  2. Nokia can retain their market share if they offer the phones for free and tape a $100 bill to each phone! It is similar to RIMM’s buy one Turd-berry and get one free!

  3. MDN noted “Welcome to Dell-land, Nokia. You won’t be able to make it up in volume, either.”

    Unfortunately, with Apple in high gear, it is likely to get VERY much worse.

    Does anyone remember the iPod gen 1 & 2? Does anyone remember what happened NEXT?

    iPod Shuffle dropped the player price substantially.

    Does anyone think Apple is going to let the low end of the market remain soley for all the other competitors forever?

    iPhoneMini is assuredly in development.

    What is NoKia going to do then?

    We are basically 3 years into the iPhone and there are no truly solid competitors to iPhone Gen 1, unless you call Android serious.

  4. Definitely a 12 megapixel camera would be a negative for me. As if every goddamn picture I take is going to be turned into a high resolution glossy photo. Give me 3 megapixel with a quality lens so my regular photos come out nice.


  5. You might have thought they would have learned from Dell actually. But then when you have little in the research labs to compete I suppose there is little else to do.. . except sue perhaps, oh yes now there’s a coincidence.

  6. MDN missed some low hanging fruit.

    The iPhone doesn’t occupy the “Very top end” of the phone market. The 3G iPhone at $99 is firmly in the middle of the market, and possibly the low end of the smart phone market.

  7. @Burrell

    Apple is not going to make an iPhone ‘mini’!

    They will reach the lower end of the market by continuing to produce older models with substantial price cuts but Apple will not radically change the size of the iPhone (except to make small alaterations to the sceen).

  8. To begin, I love my iPhone 3GS, and will probably get the next upgrade. That said, I feel Nokia deserves a little more credit than MDN is giving them.

    If I had to have a phone that was not an iPhone, it would be a Nokia. As far as their smart phones are concerned, they have excellent hardware features and pretty decent software (relative to other non-OS X variants, like WinMo and WebOS).

    **Another big point in their favor is that they develop iSync plug-ins for most of their phones not yet supported by iSync natively. Kudos to Nokia for that.**

    I love my iPhone, and Nokia’s leadership may or may not be lacking, but Nokia is still better than others when it comes to smart phones, IMO.

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