Enderle: Apple may be considering acquisition of AMD

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Rumors are flying once again that Apple may drop Intel for AMD to supply the maker of personal computers with microprocessors, but hardly anyone is talking,” Brian R. Hook reports for MacNewsWorld.

“The latest round of speculation follows a report by AppleInsider that AMD representatives have been spotted several times exiting meetings with Apple’s top brass,” Hook reports. “The meetings reportedly included AMD briefings that spurred work in Apple labs that may lead to placement of the chips inside some upcoming Apple products, AppleInsider reported, citing ‘people familiar with the matter.'”

“If the rumor is true, it is probably a negotiating tactic on the part of Apple, Rob Enderle, principal analyst with the Enderle Group, told MacNewsWorld,” Hook reports. “If Apple were to dump Intel, it might actually be in the market to buy AMD, Enderle suggested. ‘AMD is relatively cheap,’ he said, ‘and Apple could afford to buy it.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Specious.

MacDailyNews Note: Just for informational purposes: Apple’s market value is currently $222.37 billion and they are a debt-free company with $40+ billion in the bank. AMD’s market value is $6.92 billion.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Kevin P.” for the heads up.]


  1. Well, it *would* fit with Apple’s desire to control as much of its hardware as possible – though it would raise a whole new set of problems and challenges, as an Apple-owned AMD would still have to do a lot of catching up to where Intel is today.

    I’m thinking it’s a negotiating tactic (and I’m cringing at the very idea of me agreeing with Enderle on anything).

  2. As I’ve always understood it, AMD has never been a company that emphasized efficiency. I might be wrong, but I thought this because apple went with intel because they saw how efficient they were working (power per watt or something like that). So, if they bought it, they would have to revamp the whole line up to reflect apple’s desire to have efficient processors.

  3. Enderle is a fucking idiot.Designing a chip in-house and having someone build it for their tightly controlled mobile offerings is one thing. Owning an entire chip company just to … what? Go head to head with intel? Own all of AMD’s infrastructure just to get chips for their laptops?

  4. These AMD rumors concern me. Just bought the i5 because I assume it’s the next era of chips for the next 3 years (like the Core2 Duo has been). I’d hate to be stuck on an island with a chip that will prematurely age and/or not be able to run future OSes if they did indeed switch to AMD sometime soon.

    Or is there something else going on here as Enderle suggests? I’d hate to think he was right about something!

  5. AMD does not manages as much technology as Intel. AMD depends on IBM for various process and designs (45nm was a IBM process, not AMD).

    Could be good idea if apple plans to build their own A4 chips. and eventually their own x86 chips.

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