CNET reviews Apple’s new MacBook Pros: Excellent; extremely fast and responsive

Apple Online Store“The newest version of the MacBook Pro’s… iconic unibody aluminum construction remains, as does its large glass multitouch trackpad (in fact, from the outside, the new MacBook Pro looks identical to its predecessor), but the revamped internal components are much more than a simple spec upgrade,” Dan Ackerman reports for CNET.

“The 15- and 17-inch Pro models have moved to Intel’s newer line of Core-i CPUs, from the older Core 2 Duo models (the 13-inch Pro, unfortunately, still uses a Core 2 Duo CPU),” Ackerman reports. “Both mainstream Core i5 and high-end Core i7 versions are available.”

Ackerman reports, “Our Core i7 MacBook Pro blew past previous MacBooks, as well as other Core i5 and Core i7 systems in our multitasking benchmark test… In anecdotal use, the system certainly felt extremely fast and responsive–although you’d probably need a heavy workload to really feel the difference between last year’s version and this one. The Core i5 versions are probably more than adequate for most users.”

Full review which renders the verdict of “Excellent,” here.


  1. …review which renders the verdict of “Excellent”?

    Fruity toys that aren’t running Windows could never receive a verdict of excellent. How about a verdict of below average—because the average laptop runs Windows and benefits from innovative hardware running Microsoft’s user- and productivity-focused OS. IT departments love them too which is icing on the cake. Those are the real excellent laptops.

    Beleaguered MAC hasn’t figured out a 2-button mouse yet.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  2. “The bad: At the top end of the price scale; still no HDMI, Blu-ray, or other high-end options.”

    I could care less about HDMI or Blu-ray, but I don’t. I’d actually prefer to get rid of the optical drive all together. As for price…divide it by the hours I’ll use it and it’s pretty trivial.

  3. Yeah, it’s faster for your average work. But not enough for me. $2000 laptop has only 256GB graphic card? Are you kidding? Also it is not 750GB space? Too much expensive. There are lots of pc laptops already have more than thus spec few months ago. Price is half cheaper. They are very faster too. If you will buy new macboo pro, because it looks awesome and running by mac os x, you will be silly, and totally ripped off. Yeah, mac os x is good. But I am sorry. I can’t help it. This new maxbook pro doesn’t seem to take advantage of anything even though it has new processor and graphic card. Graphic card is not even high end. Game over.

  4. Good work “archurban”, but just a little to much under the standard troll comment. Go up 2 out of 10, because it is a bit too low. Really, no-one is that illiterate and stupid enough for this to be a true post. Not even a bona-fide fully-pimpled adolescent 14-year old PC troll from anywhere in the world would write even that bad.

    But a very good try though.

  5. archurban = taeguenyoo = archurban

    taeguenyoo go back to posting your inane shit on engadget.

    You – Gêm f’n chwarae anniddorol fachgen bach, sy’n cyfateb y manylion eich cyfrifiaduron i ferched noeth ac sydd yn aml yn gwneud llanast i gyd dros y llyfrynnau codi ar y gorau brynu … dweeb.

    (that translates back funnier than I expected, perfect)

  6. Core this and Core that… Intel uses really stupid fail names these days… When they announced Core 2 Duo I thought that it was enough with the core-names… Core 2 duo. 2 or 4 cores? Who knows… Core i7… What does that even mean… 7 cores or just another stupid core-name? And don’t make me start to talk about Atom… What a stupid name. Intel needs to fire their naming firm… This has gone too far.

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