Apple iPad to launch in Canada on April 24th?

Apple Store Canada“We were contacted by a source with close ties to the Apple Store that the weekend of April 24th has been marked as a ‘black out period’ for staff,” reports.

“This means no employees are allowed to book this day off. If that’s the case, then it would make sense that this indeed would be the launch date for the iPad in Canada,” reports. “Anytime there’s a ‘black out period’ you know it’s for something big.” reports, “My prediction is that Canada will be able to pre-order the iPad on Friday, April 2nd–the day before the US launch.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. @iMaki
    The iPhone OS doesn’t support iPhone to iPhone tethering, so unless the iPad’s OS has additional functionality in the networking stack, don’t count on tethering working between an iPhone and iPad. I think I read that Steve Jobs had said ‘no’ in one of his famous email responses to customers. Let’s hope this changes with the next iPhone OS update.

  2. I believe that @iMaki’s comment:

    With FREE 3G iPhone tethering too unlike the USA!

    Is an attempt to point out that since iPhoneOS v3 USB/Bluetooth tethering IS ALREADY SUPPORTED by carriers other than ATnT !!!

    Hence, the wifi iPad should already be able to tether/connect in Canada!!!

  3. @ @medelegant,

    “Canada, unlike the U.S., is not a theocracy.”

    No, we are a Multicultural, Multireligious, Multiparty, patchwork quilt of a country that celebrates all religious holidays except the Christian holidays because celebrating Christian holidays would offend our ethnic brothers and sisters.

    Sometimes the Lunatic Liberal Left pisses me off.

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