adds iPad to menu; separates iPod and iTunes, buries Downloads has reorganized a bit with the arrival of iPad.

“Downloads” is gone as a main button and its contents are now located under “Support” in the “Additional Resources” box at the bottom left of the page, click “Third-Party Downloads.”*

The site’s main menu used to look like this:

Now it shows this:

Check out the changes here:

MacDailyNews Take: So, what do you think of’s new menu and site organization?

*The “Downloads” under “Support” are, as always, different than the ones that used to be under the main button’s “Downloads” (click the links provided to see the difference).


  1. Well, you can type downloads into the search box, and without having to press enter, it shows up below the search box. So ya got that goin’ for ya.

  2. Wish I’d taken a screenshot, but when I checked Apple about 7am, to see about the iPad, I noticed that the tab bar at the top of every page except for “Store” was screwy. They still had the original names, but the actual buttons were already reset for the new look. If you hovered over ’em the boxes were all off.

    Took ’em about an 1.5 hours to finally fix it. For awhile, when you went to “Downloads” in “Support”, 2 of the tabs had an Apple logo and no text.

    Someone had a very bad day this morning ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. It makes sense not only for adding iPad but for seperating iTunes from iPod as they are no longer conjoined as they were years ago. So ya I like it but what’s up with downloads? Maybe in the mac section is where it belongs. Or perhaps a new section of the AppStore. Will keep diggin

  4. I’m a bit upset … I had a look at the new website layout and had a peek at the iPad page – and I noticed that you have to have Leopard for the iPad but for Windoze it goes back as far as XP. Why is there more choice for the Dark Side people? Although I work with the latest Macs at work I just use a G4 iBook at home with Tiger as Leopard is too sluggish. Oh bollocks!

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