iPad launch prompts luxurious video tribute to Apple (with video)

Transparent House used its visualization capabilities to create a tribute to Apple, a company they greatly admire on the occasion of the iPad release. The idea was to show a glimpse into the history of this product giant by modeling some of the innovative products they’ve developed in their 3+ decade history.

The animation was done entirely using 3Ds Max and V-Ray render and took about 10 days to complete:

Direct link to video via Vimeo here.

Transparent House notes, “We get a lot of comments and questions on why iMacs or iPods were not shown in the animation. The movie was done on the occasion of release of iPad. We wanted to show the products in Apple history that in our opinion were best related to the nature of the iPad. There were also time limitations – we just couldn’ t get every product in.”

More info in the full article here.

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  1. If they were to include the iMac (which they should have) it should have been the first one – in Bondi Blue, of course – for pioneering the all-in-one desktop. And, as they showed the evolution of the mobile product, another for the more current aluminum iMac.

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