Barnes & Noble CEO rebuffs Apple iPad concerns; says Nook is ‘single best-selling product’

“Calling the ‘Nook,’ eBook reader its ‘single best-selling product,’ Barnes & Noble CEO Steve Riggio this morning argued the gadget is helping lure customers to its stores and boosting online traffic,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s.

MacDailyNews Take: What other product does Barnes & Noble offer under their brand, a clip-on book light? No, seriously, do they even have that? They sell other people’s books, but Ray specifically states “its” when referring to “single best-selling product.” So if you only have one product, it certainly isn’t difficult to make it your “best seller.” Sell one and you’re done. Issue the press release.

Ray continues, “Much as with and its ‘Kindle’ eReader, Riggio declined to give sales figures.”

MacDailyNews Take: What a surprise.

Ray continues, “When asked about the large up-front cost to develop the Nook, and the imminent arrival of Apple’s iPad — it goes on sale in about a month — Riggio responded, ‘Gee, that’s a great question,’ and then went on to clarify that the company’s eBooks are available on multiple devices, including Macs and PCs and BlackBerries and iPhones.”

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  1. nook single best selling product until end of March for wifi and end of April for 3G…

    Nook better than what? I didn’t know B&N;had an IT R&D;to enhance and expand it best selling product of all time… er what else has B&N;sold?

  2. @ mike g:

    That’s quite a list . . . in that it’s barely a list.

    The ipad *can’t* fail because of the technologies it uses and the ecosystem of whi it’s a part. All of which are proven and unmatched.

    This isn’t the Apple of the G4 Cube days.

  3. My mom has one. It’s ugly and slow. It does, however, offer those engraving-style B&N;portraits as screen savers when the thing isn’t on.

    If the iPad doesn’t display Kurt Vonnegut when it’s sleeping, I just can’t see why anyone would want one.

  4. its about to be relegated to the nook fo’sho!
    never ceases to amaze how the competition gets so defiant and in denial
    and then cries like a baby the hypocritical “monopoly” once  just stomps them.  has done it several times over yet still people talk about 15 years ago like  is going to suddenly just lapse into a timeshift coma!

    get a modern life people.

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