Analysts see Apple extending exclusive iPhone deal with AT&T

Blowout Specials ends 2/28“Two new analysts said Tuesday that the iPad-AT&T deal suggests Apple may extend its exclusive iPhone agreement through 2011, leaving the wireless provider as the sole carrier of the handset in the U.S. this year,” Slash Lane reports for AppleInsider.

“Lending its support for that line of thinking Tuesday was Barclays Capital, which issued a new note to investors with the conclusion that Apple and AT&T will likely remain exclusive for the remainder of 2010,” Lane reports.

In addition, Steve Clement with Pacific Crest said he believes the odds of exclusivity being extended have improved, in light of the recent announcements,” Lane reports. “He noted that the tone from Apple regarding AT&T has become noticeably more positive in recent months.”

Lane reports, “Both analysts join Credit Suisse, which last week predicted there is a 75 percent chance AT&T will remain the exclusive carrier of the iPhone in the U.S. in 2010. Their assessment said the iPhone will inevitably be available on multiple carriers in the U.S., but a probability analysis suggests it is not likely to occur in this calendar year.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James W.” for the heads up.]


  1. None of these analysts know anything about Apple’s iPhone deal with AT&T;. They have been just doing guess work for past two year that iPhone will come to Verizon. Rumor websites are better than this analysts at least we know the post is just a rumor.

  2. Duh. Why would Apple create a special version of iPhone just for Verizon? Everyone knows their network’s incompatible with the rest of the planet. Nothing will happen with Verizon until 4G is available.

    (A dual-band phone was a possibility, but since Apple went with GSM for the much roomier iPad, there’s no reason to think they would gunk of up works by going dual-band with the next iPhone.)

  3. LTE might not even be the solution for verizon to get the iPhone. They need a fall back signal where LTE is not deployed and think of the world market rather just the U.S. Steve Jobs talked about how they are a big world wide brand now. Making a LTE CDMA phone for verizon isn’t cost effective either. Yes there are chipsets for it but those are still iffy on testing.

  4. That would be disgusting! It would mean two more years without tethering, and two more years with terrible network performance that will soon be made even worse by iPad traffic. The fact that some people hate Verizon as much as iPhone users hate AT&T;just proves how slimy most cellular providers are. The only hope of getting them to change is to make them compete with each other.

  5. Uh-hem. Hi MDN. It’s me again. I thought I would take this opportunity to remind you that you’ve been saying for months how Verizon is getting the iPhone and I’ve been saying that has a snowball’s chance in hell. I was wondering if you could post all those iCal’ed statements of yours for the record? Perhaps even a graph showing the number of predictions per month for the past year that you’ve made those claims? I’d like that.

  6. For once, I tend to agree with these analysts.

    Now, Apple and ATT need to create a “limited data” plan for iPhone that costs half as much as the current “unlimited” plan. If customers are given an incentive (lower cost plan) to self-restrict their data usage, overall data usage will go down and ATT’s network will not be as taxed (even with the addition of iPads).

  7. Montex:

    MDN never stated any such thing. Do you even read MDN??

    Over the past several months, we’ve seen plenty of articles speculating about Verizon getting an iPhone this year. MDN carrier many of these articles (the same way it carried the one here). They never provided their OWN opinion on the subject, as far as I recall, much less “iCal’ed” it.

    Let’s all get this straight: MDN is a news aggregator site. They provide short summaries of articles related to Apple, published elsewhere online. Every one of these summaries has a link saying “full article here” (or “Think before you click”). It seems quite clear to anyone that the articles AREN’T written by MDN. Only “MDN Take” (usually marked in red, boldface type, to make sure everyone is clear that what follows was NOT from an original article) are written by MDN people.

    How many times does this have to be repeated so that some people here finally understand that MDN does NOT write articles here?

  8. Can only say that the ‘anti’ Apple advertising from Verizon rather suggested that no imminent agreement with them was likely. The suggestions to the opposite did seem strange in such an atmosphere. I would guess that any talks about such a move broke down prior to those adverts.

  9. Actually MDN has had a record of stating the iPhone will be on multiple carriers by years end. There was such a day when I asked them to stop making such a bold prediction because at that the time leading up to iPad, every analyst was pretty much wrong and we all didn’t want MDN getting into that game in being wrong as onenof my favorite apple news websites.

    What I would like to see is AT&T;drop a bomb on verizon and be the first to offer the current data plan and then tiered down from there. Because I am a bandwidth hog but my Girlfriend hardly uses any data at all and would love to save that $15-20 a month off her iPhone.

  10. @spyinthesky

    The ads from verizon are not anti apple.. they are anti AT&T;… clearly you could tell that on the misfit toys commercial where they say something like.”What are you doing here? you have all these cool apps and..” (AT&T;coverage map now shown) “Ohhh you will fit right in here”

    The other Ads they show are just saying how verizon coverage is excellent and at&t;is horrible. But they dont say the iphone is inferior to whatever they have.

    btw.. anyone know how that droid thing is selling? So many commercials.. I dont even think it had as much hype as the palm pre.. which we all know how well that is doing..

  11. Granted, it’s all just speculation (that’s all we Mac users get to work with anyway), but it totally makes sense that it would be more AT&T for a little longer. Jobs likes having more control of his product, and AT&T knows how to stay out of his way to make profit. It makes total sense.
    I just hope that AT&T is using some of that profit to improve and expand their coverage.

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