Four reasons why Apple’s iPad is a guaranteed success

Anton Wahlman writes for, “Here are four reasons why the Apple iPad is a guaranteed success.”

1. The Apple Retail Stores
2. Apple’s iTunes Ecosystem
3. The AT&T Deal ($30/mo. unlimited data plan, pay-as-you-go; no subscription required)
4. Apple leads in defining new computing interfaces

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  1. In other news, space is cold and dark. Come on MDN! I think we’ve heard enough “news” about the iPad! We now it’s gonna rock! We don’t need anymore convincing!

  2. 5: You’ll be able to rent books

    All this price shifting upwards on Amazon, hobnobbing with newspaper owners etc. is designed to get cheap content on the iPad, where it can be DRMed to hell and back. Which is fine of course, as long as we can rent cheap, because we don’t want to keep it.

    The iPod sold well because content was cheap, 99¢ ala carte songs on iTunes.

    What will sell the iPad is inexpensive book rentals.

    “People don’t read anymore” – Steve Jobs.


    #1: Books cost 10% to print, 10% to distribute and 40% to retail.

    Apple is going to replace all that for only 30%, half the cost.

    Renting books, like movies, will take off on the iPad because it’s a UNTAPPED market!!!

    Lots of iPads going to be sold…buy AAPL.

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