Big surprise: Paul Thurrott doesn’t get Apple’s iPad at all

“Wow. So Apple has unveiled its iPad, an iPod touch like tablet computer that, so far at least, doesn’t seem impressive at all,” Paul Thurrott writes for Supersite for Windows. “And what’s with the huge bezel? It’s actually … can I say this about an Apple product? … ugly.”

MacDailyNews Take: “The iPad’s bezel is its handle. It’s where your fingers grip the device without covering the content on the screen, no matter which way you’re holding it. Give Apple some credit; they’re not Microsoft, they think things through.” – SteveJack, MacDailyNews, January 27, 2010

Thurrott continues, “The thing I don’t get here is… Nothing new. This has all been done before elsewhere. I’m astonished this isn’t nicer looking or more interesting… OK, this has to be a joke… It’s a joke. It’s gotta be. Right? …A 1 GHz Apple A4 chip (What the???)”

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, trust us, it’s all being iCal’ed for future use.

Thurrott continues, “This stuff is just boring. If Apple wanted this to be a game machine, they should have built hardware controls into that huge bezel.. Overall, this is a letdown. I’d be surprised to see anyone try to claim otherwise.”

Full article – Think Before You Click™here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s iPad is obviously destined to be a huge hit.


  1. It’s sad that these people aren’t getting it. The iPad is totally an Apple device. It has specific functionality.

    I wonder if the same things were said about the iPhone. Probably.

    I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Like the iTouch, except bigger and better. Plus it has the potential to have some killer apps made for it.

  2. LOL… Thurrott of course doesn’t get it. He’s not forwarding thinking enough. He’s incapable of understanding real innovations. He’s a Microsoft whipping boy who always as “may I have some more please”?

  3. Finally, a device that does not directly compete with a Microsoft product. Now Bill Gates can proudly show off his new Apple device in public without hearing about it from Steve Ballmer.

  4. I wouldn’t bother iCal’ing this douchenozzle. He’s gone from somewhat-reserved Apple basher to batshit crazy Apple-baser over the last 6 months. He contributes absolutely nothing to tech conversations. I would argue that he actually makes people who read him stupider.

  5. All that aside, handle, functionality etc. you know you were disappointed a bit by that bezel the first time you saw it. I hate to say it, but I just can’t bring myself to call that an inspiring design.
    For any other company, I’d say this was acceptable, but Apple has set the bar too high for us to applaud every lame semblance of mediocrity.
    Meanwhile, I’m glad SJ didn’t invite McGraw Hill et al in his presentation.

  6. Other analysts view of the iPad.

    “In our view, Steve Jobs and the Apple crew surpassed expectations with the long-anticipated unveiling of the tablet device, officially named iPad,” Mr. Marshall said. “While we were impressed with the specs during the briefing given by Mr. Jobs, it was not until we actually used the iPad for about 15 minutes were we convinced this will be another grand slam product for Apple.”

    Thurrott is SO WRONG!!!!

  7. come on people. if they iPad was SO “magical” don’t you think the multi touch screen could tell that your ENTIRE finger was resting on the screen and NOT count that as a gesture?

    i’m a self proclaimed fanboy, but this product is NOT magic. its been 5-10 years in the making and seems half baked….very un-apple like.

    why would that giant screen be cluttered up with iPhone app icons? so now a 10 inch screen demands the same UI as a 2.5 inch screen. wha?

  8. Thurott is right! First, it’s not beige. And it doesn’t even have a 5 1/4″ floppy drive, fer chrissakes. There’s no command prompt. I can’t even do regedit with the thing. How can I, an IT administrator, implement new paradigms on a go-forward basis to improve my workflow? The truth is that you can’t with this iPad or whatever they call it. And a graphical user interface? Bah. Give me the blue screen any day.

  9. No one seems to be talking about Stage 2. Don’t think of iWork as the only new iPad app. This of it as a ‘how to’ guide for OSX developers to re-invent their existing software using a touch-screen interface. Imagine when 2011/2012 beings us iPad versions of OmniGroup, MS Office, Photoshop. Imagine all the Windows Desktop apps embracing the platform based in a way they never embraced OSX on the momentum of the iPhone App store. Now imagine Apple getting 10% because they’re the software distribution model. Think long term. Jobs has a plan. This is just the foundation.

  10. Guys, you’re missing the point: Thurott is paid to say these things. Trust me, he can’t possibly really believe them (no one is that brain dead). It’s just his job. He preaches to his lemmings and they lap it up. All is as it’s supposed to be. They will miss the boat and we will sail happily into the sunset with our shiny (elegant, easy to use, aesthetic, fast, reliable) toys and they will be left to suffer with Windoze. Don’t waste your breath or time on them. Just pity them…

  11. i think the iPad has huge potential, but man this homescreen looks awful! almost as if acer or samsung had designed it.

    iphone icons lost on a huge grid with gigantic spaces between them? the mpst ugly backrounds they could fine. what is gooing on here?

    it almost seems as if steve wants to punish his designers for using the most ugly version because they didn’t come up with something he liked.

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