Leaked images claim to show Apple’s tablet (with photos)

“Okay, we obviously can’t confirm this, but we just got two very interesting images of what certainly looks like a prototype Apple tablet, or what could be the tablet bolted down to a table,” Nilay Patel repots for Engadget.

“Its [screen is] big — really big — and it’s running what clearly looks like an iPhone app, although we’ve never seen an iPhone app with that interface or at that resolution before,” Patel reports. “We also see a WiFi icon and a cell service indicator, although tragically there’s no carrier listed.”

Patel reports, “As far as fakes go, this is as convincing as it gets, so either this is the real deal or someone deserves a hearty congratulations.”

Full article, with more info and larger images, here.

MacDailyNews Note: If these images are genuine, we are not seeing (much of) the device’s actual case, but rather the bulky surrounding security housing that bolts the unit down to the table.


  1. If this is it, I hope it’s in a case of some kind. Maybe an alarm will go off if you take it out of the room. Screws showing == not an Apple product, so I think that’s logical. Maybe the white boxes cover incriminating details.

    How many companies have to protect their upcoming products like this?!?

  2. That is the real thing folks bolted down to a table. So a front facing camera is confirmed. I hope it is more than just an oversized iPod touch with UI enhancements for data entry and eBook reading.

  3. I must say, I have, for a very long time, ‘poo-poo’d’ the possibility of an Apple tablet; I thought it was just a figment of several ‘anal-ysts’ / prognosticator’s imagination… perhaps I was wrong.

    There seems to be an increasing confluence of circumstantial evidence that would indicate that it does indeed exist. I admit it. I was probably wrong. But then again, I tend to prefer hard facts above rumor, speculation and conjecture. May I have some ketsup (ketchup / catsup / et al) with my hat / crow?

    We’ll definitely find out in a few hours.

    Ketsup & hat / crow will be on standby…

  4. @Bill & JES42

    Automotive designers are *notorious* for attempting to disguise their cars while they undergo track testing. They do this because they know that there are ‘auto paparazzi’ trying to sneak photos of vehicles that are in development.

    This may very well be a similar type of situation

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