Analyst: Apple tablet heading to Verizon

Apple Online Store“Qualcomm comes up big again with another win with Apple,” Scott Moritz reports for

“The hotly anticipated Apple Tablet — or the Apple Newton II — will feature a wireless chip made by Qualcom,” Moritz reports. “This discrete little fact would confirm that Apple has chosen Verizon as its telco partner, says Northeast Securities analyst Ashok Kumar.”

“‘This makes sense for Apple,’ says Nielsen Wireless analyst Roger Entner. ‘It behooves them to build a relationship with a company they haven’t worked with yet,’ Enter said referring to Verizon,” Moritz reports.

“Having a telco partner means the price of the Verizon Tablet will be less than a Tablet purchased directly from Apple. Analysts estimate that Verizon will subsidize about $200 of the Tablet’s price and require a two-year data service plan of around $60 a month,” Moritz reports. “Apple is expected to sell the Tablet for around $800 without a subsidy.”

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  1. i’m really starting to hate all this speculation. NO ONE KNOWS AN EFFING THING YET, end of story. Apple can’t possibly expect all there current iPhone users to latch onto yet ANOTHER carrier and pay ANOTHER monthly fee…..or could they. Just wait the few days and stop trying to predict the future. All these guys should spend more time trying to anticipate where their next lay is coming from.

  2. Why would they do that? Fill the AT&T;ecosystem with one device only to place their new device in another? Now iPhone users would have to decide to hold two expensive data plans; switch to Verizon, pay an early termination fee (didn’t they just go up?), and have an iPhone that is effectively just an iPod; stick with AT&T;and keep your iPhone and pay an arm and a leg for an unsubsidized product. The only one that wins in all three scenarios is Apple. Yeah Apple!!!

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