Apple patent application reveals Smart-Home Energy Management Dashboard System

January Clearance Blowout ends 1/14“Every once in a while we’re given powerful insights into systems that could be game changers – and while not apparently sexy at the moment, Apple surprises us with a peek at their coming Smart Home Energy Management Dashboard System that packs a punch,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“Apple’s patent reviews technology related to this system that many simply know as HomePlug Powerline Networking. HomePlug Powerline Networking turns every power outlet in your home or office into a conduit for audio, video and data,” Purcher reports.

“Wireless technologies could be prone to dead-spots and fading – but with HomePlug certified adapters you just plug them in and within minutes you have high speed internet coming out of every plug in the house. You could do the same thing for HDTV and iTunes,” Purcher reports. “Get ready folks, because this looks like Apple is ramping this up for sometime in the near future. And, let it be said, could be yet another tablet application.”

Read much more in the full article, including patent application illustrations, here.


  1. Apple could use the existing tech for easily hooking up the x11 (it hink) style of home automation gear, but I guess the writer isn’t familiar with the awesome range of the currnt base stations – I have two and they cover about an acre together.

    Unless there s some interface or implementation issue holding back the adoption of existing home automation and monitoring gear – Apple will hide it into something else, to make some other harder task easier.

    Apple is about making complex tech easily accessible, or bringing a new way to create and consume media into an area it wasn’t before.

    MDN Magic word “Making” – as in the author is making some big leaps to equate powerline networking to the upcoming tablet.

  2. I already use powerline network adapters between my iMac and AppleTV. I hope they’re compatible with whatever Apple has planned. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Look into (ITU standard G.9960) for the future in home networks, including versus 802.11n WiFi networks.

    UPA currently outperforms HomePlug while will be available by end of 2010 and is far better (at least 3-4 times what HomePlug AV can do).

    It has been commented elsewhere that HomePlug has issues with Quality of Service and HD TV delivery over the network, it is OK for streaming lower bit rate stuff, though, or downloading a file to an Apple TV for later viewing.

    Here is a link to the group promoting

    Please note that the woman in the video from Intel is actually now one of the top people in HomeGrid Forum and that Intel left HomePlug some time ago to help start HomeGrid Forum.

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