Will the price of Apple’s tablet be right?

Christmas PD5FM $10 discount“As the Apple tablet rumor frenzy blows way past the level of a fever pitch, I’m starting to reconcile myself with the notion that we may — within a few weeks — finally hear from Apple. The company is widely expected to make a public announcement Jan. 27 or so, though again, the expectation isn’t due to Apple, it’s due to a report stating the company has rented a stage at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco,” Chris Maxcer writes for MacNewsWorld.

“What might Apple announce? A tablet, of course, perhaps an “iPod slate.” E-readers and tablets were all the rage at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last week, so maybe the timing is finally right for Apple. Either way, if Apple does indeed announce a new device, I’m starting to seriously wonder if I’ll actually buy one,” Maxcer writes.

Maxcer writes, “However, I’m already afraid it’ll cost too much money.”

MacDailyNews Take: Too much money for whom?

Maxcer writes, “I’d guess less than the US$999 entry-level MacBook and higher than $500… Big money. As a consumer, I could buy a limited e-reader for a few hundred bucks or get something more useful for hundreds more. And it’s this hundreds more that makes me pause.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Some people’s definition of “big money” do not match other’s. Some Dell shoppers, for example, are appalled that a MacBook starts at $999. Because they’re ignorant. As we all are about Apple’s tablet right now. Let’s wait to see Apple’s product, discover what it offers, and find out its price before hyperventilating, okay? As always, please Anticipate Responsibly™.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Carl H.” for the heads up.]


  1. Already complaining about the price of an unannounced, unpriced product?

    This just goes to show that people want whatever this is and are jealous when they can’t afford it!

  2. I’m waiting for Congress, specifically Pelosi, to say that it is a RIGHT for people to have Appe Tablets…..then all you rich people can pay 75% of your income (if you make over $100,000) supporting the rest of us ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    But seriously, if it works amazing, and Apple has been on a streak, then people will buy it regardless of the cost.

  3. MacNewsWorld isn’t paying this guy enough if he has to worry about affording the iSlate.

    Earth to Chris Maxcer: Apple is the company for people that work hard and play hard, with oodles of extra dough to spare because they manage their finances properly. Their reward is a life of peace and tranquility; their reward is Apple. It’s not the company for broke people, folks with bad debt and gambling problems, etc. With mortgages that are worth more than their homes. The wretched slaves who don’t live the pure, free life of fiscal serenity and instead owe pieces of their souls to a few credit card companies and banks. Apple is for the people whose tax dollars support these leeches.

    If you have trouble affording an iSlate then buy that junk HP tablet. The HPs and Dells of the world will always be around to support you with low grade garbage.

  4. You get what you pay for, is that simple.
    Buy a Dell mini netbook and you only pay $190 for a piece of $hit while you can get something a lot more useful and cheaper if you buy a Pentium 3 used laptop, at the end, it is better than a netbook, but it still a $hit. If you look to buy into the garbage, you get garbage, no mater how low you pay for it.

    People buying apple products are not people looking for garbage, they are people looking for a whole complete system that just works. From the hardware, the software and the service. How much does that has to cost?

  5. I understand the concern of the writer. The Macbook Air was really expensive for a laptop with one usb port, no Firewire (didn’t Apple make Firewire). You couldn’t easily update RAM. It required buying an external DVD drive or owning another Mac to use the DVD!

    Yes it was thin, but for less options than a Macbook, it was overpriced.

  6. There are so many ways to subsidize this that the customer will never see the real cost. Apple can reduce the price by taking a cut of every movie or book downloaded, or for a version that supports 3G, they would get a subsidy from AT&T;or Verizon.

    Think of this as a retail storefront. How much do you pay to walk into a Starbucks? But, ah, once you’re in…. look out…

  7. Are you kidding? I paid 600.00 just for a phone, and so did ALOT of other people 900.00 for a 10″ tablet, laptop, media dream/browser “do it all machine” would be a “no brainer”.

  8. Funny, I bet if you looked at their ride it will not be the cheap base models. Instead, they will probably drive a Bimmer, Mercedes, Lexus, etc.

    Yet, the cheap bastards bitch about a fee hundred dollars, give or take, on a computer.

    On other items the same people will spend thousands on clothes for designer labels or cars. I know plenty of them!

    Put a Kmart shirt with a Macys label and some of the people will pay 70 to 90 dollars with a blink!

    Say Apple and the same idioits yell- too much money, get cheap computer! Love Windows then it is running slow?


    Spend the money! Buy quality! Buy responsible design!

    I feel dizzy!

    Thud……. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  9. wow some of u disgust me seriously yea the poor who work just as hard if not harder dont deserve anything good we deserve some cheap virus infested dell lol. I love apple products bescuse they work and have sometimes wished they would lower thier prices a bit im not talking make them as low as dell cuz u know u do get crap from dell but cant the mac book student one start at 799? why not? but what i think worries this guy is that it will be over priced as was the first iPhone and dont say it wasnt cuz apple saw it to they lowered the price what two or so months later to give the “i got it the first day ppl” a 200 dollar store credit. If it does a lot as im hoping it will id say make it a little more then a mac mini but dont have it starting at 799 unless the shit can teleport me to work lol. Im a broke college kid with an ibook would love a new mac but cant afford it. and i get scared that i will get screwed like i did when i bought my ibook because after i saved up taking extra shifts to get the pearly white computer i always wanted they went and switched up 2 months later to make them 13 inch with glossy displays and intel processors now i got a mac that only has 30 gigs of hard drive that cant even fit all of my itunes collection my iphone has more memory then my ibook lol but i wont get screwed this time i try to find out what apples up to and if its about time for a refresh i hold my money and wait to see if its worth it did that for the iphone waited till the 3gs then i was like now its worth it. mac mini should come with a mouse and keyboard cuz when you add up those two plus a monitor you coulda bought a imac lol

  10. I find the cost of e readers outrageous considering how little they do.

    I saw some pillock demonstrating the proposed Lenovo tablet come netbook on Youtube last week and initially I agreed with him that it seemed ‘cool’. Then I thought about it, who apart from a geek crossed with a nerd and desperate to impress what few remaining friends he has, is going to want a tablet running Android that will, as things stand do very little beyond media, and then slot it into a shell and turn it into a netbook running a completely different operating system that has no real compatibility between the two and then pay a $1000 dollars for the privilege. Then add in the extra complexity, weight, likelihood of component failure etc, etc, you would, after the initial thrill never take the slate component out without the rest which makes it pointless, such a design simply shows that neither are doing their particular job properly.

    A slate should work on its own merits so agreed until we know what a tablet will do it is difficult to know what its value is or what the price should be.

  11. Mac_kid, you’re going to be in college a long time with that writing style. Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like that paragraph. Completely indecipherable.

    Keep in mind, I’m in college too. And I’ll be buying a tablet to complement my 15″ MBP as long as it costs less than $1000.


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