Microsoft’s Bach: Google, you just zuned your Android partners

Christmas PD5FM $10 discount“Microsoft Corp.’s Robbie Bach, head of the division that makes mobile-phone programs, said Google Inc. will have a hard time attracting partners to its wireless software after introducing its own handset,” Dina Bass reports for Bloomberg.

“Google started selling the Nexus One phone this week. The company also provides its Android operating system to other handset makers, rivaling Microsoft’s Windows Mobile,” Bass reports. “Because Google now sells its own phone, handset makers may worry the company will prioritize its own product over theirs, Bach said. That could push some to stop using Google’s software, he said.”

“‘Doing both in the way they are trying to do both is actually very, very difficult,’ he said in an interview yesterday from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas,” Bass reports. “‘Google’s announcement sends a signal where they’re going to place their commitment. That will create some opportunities for us and we’ll pursue them.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Smack! Windows Mobile sucks. You suck. Steve Jobs is cool. And Ballmer is a pathetic old maaan. iPhone, bitch!

Bass continues, “The Nexus One is manufactured by Taiwan’s HTC Corp., which designed the device with Google… ‘No one has ever succeeded in selling their own device while trying to license to partners simultaneously,’ said Michael Gartenberg, an analyst at Los Angeles-based research firm Interpret LLC. ‘As much as Google can say it’s not a Google phone, the phone says Google on it. They’re going to have to convince their licensees they’re not in competition with them.'”

Bass reports that Microsoft’s Bach said, “‘Over time you have to decide whether your approach is with the partners or more like an Apple approach that is more about Apple.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yet more proof that Microsoft doesn’t get it. Apple’s approach is more about delighting customers than anything else. You should try it sometime, Robbie.

(What kind of a grown man is named Robbie?)


  1. Sure more about Apple, and how does Apple survive I wonder? Yes, by giving people a better option with a award winning industrial design and top notch software integration with powerful well designed hardware. Yes, it’s all about Apple.

  2. …”What kind of a grown man is named Robbie?”

    A comedian (Robbie Coltrane, the actor behind “Hagrid” of Harry Potter fame, among many other funny roles).

  3. HTC needs to buy Palm and zune all over Microsoft while telling Google to go palm themselves. Then HTC can go their own way to being one of the leaders in the Smart Phone industry. HTC can make a much bigger impact in the smart phone market then either Google, Microsoft, Nokia, RIM, or any of the small run big name companies out there in the market today.

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