Apple to host 2010 Annual Meeting of Shareholders on February 25th

January Clearance Apple BlowoutApple Inc.’s 2010 Annual Meeting of Shareholders is scheduled for February 25, 2010 at 10am PST at 1 Infinite Loop, Building 4, Cupertino, California.

Attendance at the 2010 Annual Meeting of Shareholders is limited to shareholders. Admission to the meeting will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

More info via Apple’s proxy statement here.


  1. Proxy voters:

    Withhold your votes for Al Gore!

    He’s blighted Apple’s Board of Directors for far too long already.

    An Inconvenient Truth:
    Now that anthropological global warming has been exposed as a sham designed to line certain people’s pockets, most notably Al Gore’s, he should not remain on Apple’s BoD (nor should he have ever been added in the first place).

    See, charlatan Al figured he’d be long gone before enough people figured out his fraud, but now he’s being confronted by quite an inconvenient (for him) truth.

    Remove Al Gore from Apple’s Board of Directors!

  2. Tim Cook is known liberal as well. Mr Shareholder you better go with Balmer. We can guess where he stands. Somehow I don’t think you have many shares. And just where is the global warming been disproved? I guess I missed class that day.

  3. @shareholder

    Errr, NO! Only two or so studies *attempt* to show anthropological global warming as false, among a sea of worried reports made by REAL scientists who are concerned more with our future generations than an extra trillion of dollars or two.

    Besides, global warming is but ONE of the many environmental problems we face; and this time there are no “studies” to attempt to fool people otherwise.

  4. common freakin’ sense proves global warming is a sham. you have only deluded yourself from the obvious if you believe otherwise.
    1) the main proponent is financially vested in its promotion!!!!
    2) the scientists are financially vested (through grants) in promoting AGW
    3) the giant flaming ball of gas that provides ALL the warmth on earth is a much more likely candidate. the sun heats the ocean, CO2 becomes more volatile (chemistry term) and is released from the ocean! bu..bu..but.. good guy al showed the CO2 graph before the heat graph!?
    4) the earth is COOLING! despite a continued rise in CO2
    i could go on.. and on.. and on.. and on.. and on..
    if you want to do some good save some damn rainforrest

  5. @chris f

    its amazing the egos on the condescending sheeple that do whatever some right wing asshole political figure tells them too because of an incredibly simplistic perception that they are the ‘good guy’

  6. What are these neanderthals doing on a Mac website? They should be in church on their knees giving thanks that there is a Sarah Palin to save us from educated scientists. Sweet Jesus there are idiots that have found their way to this link.

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