RUMOR: Windows Mobile 7 delayed to 2011

Christmas PD5FM $10 discount“After speaking with multiple sources, we’re now certain that we won’t be seeing Windows Mobile 7 before World Mobile Congress in Barcelona in February 2011,” Theo Valich reports for Bright Side of News.

Valich reports, “We spoke with representatives from Microsoft, Lenovo, Qualcomm, TI, Nokia, nVidia, HTC and many more and they all had just one message – Windows Mobile 7 is delayed until 2011.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If true, Microsoft might as well delay it until 3011. It’s already way too little and way too late.


  1. Or on time if it was following the timeframe of MS OS Widows 7… was that not delayed awhile also. Looks like everything got pushed back! MS would be smart to not release any target date until product is ready for release…

    If anything this proves that a Harvard Education does not necessarily equate to money well spent!

  2. Not that I care.. But honestly, I just don’t get it..

    If this is true, how can something like a mobile OS be delayed for more than 12 months?

    I mean this is Microsoft, one of the largest companies and with just about more resources than any other company in the world.. Would it really be that difficult to make something like this a priority and get enough engineers as it takes to get this out in the next 6 months or so??

  3. @ MikeK

    have you *seen* Vista? I’m sure MS doesn’t lack for smart people but those aren’t the people in charge: salesmen are in charge. Marketing suits are in charge. People that think success is one well placed graphic away, as opposed to making products that are actually worth buying.

  4. Rushing a product doesn’t guarentee perfection or a immediate hit. Just look at the iPhone throughout it’s 4 years and nothing significant different have made except for the minor changes under the hood. As for Windows Mobile 7 I’m guessing Microsoft is betting it in becoming a huge success because they are serious and want to make it right just as they have done with Windows 7. Go Microsoft and Windows Phone rules! When it comes to decisions that matter, Bing & Decide

  5. Most likely MS management is currently shopping for a replacement mobile OS, not employing competent engineers to create a new one.

    Actually, that might not be a completely bad thing. It would muzzle all the crazy kids who think that Apple should waste its money on Palm.

  6. @ I’m a PC

    Glad to see you got the viruses cleared off your PC and you can post here again. Just relax, cause the blue screen of death will return to put you to sleep.

  7. But you forget the MS way.

    Set a date and advertise and gloat.
    Push the date out. early.
    Then deliver just slightly later than your original date and..

    Declare a great success for delivering early.

    MS,,,, ain’t life great.?? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    Just a thought,

  8. @I’m a PC:

    You are also an idiot. What? Are you auditioning for ZuneTang’s job?

    First of all, the iPhone first became available in June 2007. It has not been on the market for anywhere close to four years. Second, the iPhone has changed relatively little because its design was so advanced and well-implemented from the beginning. Two and a half years later, no competitor has even managed to come up with a good imitation of the iPhone, much less an improvement on Apple’s design.

  9. I have to agree with Gabriel here. MS seems to have a completely incoherent mobile OS strategy, which is completely incoherent with X-Box and it’s Windows 7 strategy. Instead of developing one OS for multiple devices, they simply seem to be going in 6 directions at once.

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