CES: Tablet computers seen taking off in 2010

EA Store: Award-winning Games“Graphics chip maker Nvidia said its new Tegra chip, which took 500 engineers to design, will help usher in the age of tablet, a small computer with the power of a laptop but the mobility and energy efficiency of a wireless phone,” Dan Gallagher and Jeffry Bartash report for MarketWatch.

“Nvidia Chief Executive Jen-Hsun Huang said the Tegra chip is powerful enough to allow a tablet user to play 140 hours of music without a charge, or 16 hours of high-definition movies,” Gallagher and Bartash report. “‘The processor is nothing short of a miracle for us,’ Huang said at the Consumer Electronics Show. The Tegra has a dual-core CPU and eight independent processors, supplying 10 times the performance of the average smartphone, according to Nvidia.”

MacDailyNews Take: Their “miracle” chip faces the prospect of becoming mundane in a matter of weeks.

Gallagher and Bartash report, “The touch-screen tablet Huang used in his demonstration was slightly larger than a Kindle e-book reader, but smaller and thinner than a netbook. At CES, Dell Inc. showed off its own tablet, but the device was much smaller. It had a 5-inch screen, slightly larger than that of an Apple Inc. iPhone.”

MacDailyNews Note: See Gizmodo’s “A Quickie Look At Dell’s Slate, In a Dark Corridor” for more info.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Dell. Puleeze. And, thanks CES dorks, but “tablet” computers will take off when Steve Jobs taps the launch button on his.


  1. Is it just me or does this whole Apple/Steve Jobs/Tablet thing remind you of Willy Wonka? The secretive factory, what will Wonka/Jobs come up with next, the factory will open its gates at the end of January to show you what’s inside. All we need now is a golden ticket (ie invitation to attend the announcement demo).

  2. Apple owns PA semi yes, but that doesn’t mean they will limit themselves to those chips and it doesn’t make it a bad chip. Could still have a use, depending on it’s roadmap of future development.

    Apple still uses Nvidia chips. The limitation won’t be the chip, it will be the hardware and software put around it. Pre the intel move, very few believed it would happen.

    At the end of the day apple will choose the best chip for the job, and they won’t scoff and ignore it unless they have a much better option with a great roadmap.

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