CES: Tablet computers seen taking off in 2010

EA Store: Award-winning Games“Graphics chip maker Nvidia said its new Tegra chip, which took 500 engineers to design, will help usher in the age of tablet, a small computer with the power of a laptop but the mobility and energy efficiency of a wireless phone,” Dan Gallagher and Jeffry Bartash report for MarketWatch.

“Nvidia Chief Executive Jen-Hsun Huang said the Tegra chip is powerful enough to allow a tablet user to play 140 hours of music without a charge, or 16 hours of high-definition movies,” Gallagher and Bartash report. “‘The processor is nothing short of a miracle for us,’ Huang said at the Consumer Electronics Show. The Tegra has a dual-core CPU and eight independent processors, supplying 10 times the performance of the average smartphone, according to Nvidia.”

MacDailyNews Take: Their “miracle” chip faces the prospect of becoming mundane in a matter of weeks.

Gallagher and Bartash report, “The touch-screen tablet Huang used in his demonstration was slightly larger than a Kindle e-book reader, but smaller and thinner than a netbook. At CES, Dell Inc. showed off its own tablet, but the device was much smaller. It had a 5-inch screen, slightly larger than that of an Apple Inc. iPhone.”

MacDailyNews Note: See Gizmodo’s “A Quickie Look At Dell’s Slate, In a Dark Corridor” for more info.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Dell. Puleeze. And, thanks CES dorks, but “tablet” computers will take off when Steve Jobs taps the launch button on his.


  1. Is it just me or does this whole Apple/Steve Jobs/Tablet thing remind you of Willy Wonka? The secretive factory, what will Wonka/Jobs come up with next, the factory will open its gates at the end of January to show you what’s inside. All we need now is a golden ticket (ie invitation to attend the announcement demo).

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