Analyst: Qualcomm to power 3G in Apple’s Verizon iPhone; to launch in U.S. this summer

EA Store: Award-winning Games“Apparently it’s bakeoff season in tech, and the latest blue ribbon goes to Qualcomm,” Scott Moritz reports for

“Apple has chosen Qualcomm as its chip supplier [3G wireless technology chip for EV-DO] for the new version of the iPhone headed to Verizon this summer, according to Northeast Securities analyst Ashok Kumar,” Moritz reports. “Kumar confirmed the decision with the manufacturers and suppliers involved with the phone.”

Moritz reports, “The loser in this deal is Germany’s Infineon, the chip supplier to the AT&T iPhone.”

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  1. @marko… unless they figure out a way to make this happen (i.e. two chips or similar), then I suggest that Apple will NEVER have a phone with Verizon. As I’ve said in other posts… too many commercials touting this feature to go back on it. It’s water over the dam at this point. But Apple is great at ingenuity, so maybe they’ll find a way to make it work with Verizon.

  2. “does this mean it will let you check email or surf web while on a call?”

    No, but unlike the ATT iPhone, it will actually let you make phone calls and surf the web. I think that’s a reasonable trade.

  3. Maybe you I-Phone nards will finally get all that great downloadable V•CAST content—oh wait, it’s protected with Microsoft’s fabulous DRM—so you can’t! Losers.

    I suggest you abandon MAC’s proprietary phones and get one from Verizon running Windows Mobile. Imagine, the leading mobile OS + multitudes of hardware choices + V•CAST. It’s perfect.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  4. Not to mention the fact that we iPhone users have access o everything on iTunes. Right from our phones. Let’s see vcast do that. Oh wait, that’s right. You can’t! Windows mobile blows. It’s a clusterfuck of an os that is based on archeic technology. Verizons network is great, but it’s out of date and their practices of locking down phone features to further their own garbage media outlet is disgusting. I love my iPhone and quite frankly AT&T;works just fine for me.

  5. The only thing Steve cares about is profit, not your ability to surf the web and talk on the phone at the same time.

    “Hmm, I could pile up another 10-15 million annual iPhone sales but I’unno, man, can’t browse and talk at the same time! Choices choices.” Lmao.

    You think Steve cares that they ran those commercials? So the fsck what? It wouldn’t be the first time he flat out contradicted himself in face of a smart business decision and it won’t be the last.

    Steve is your lord and savior. If he tells you that browsing and talking at the same time isn’t really as valuable as he initially thought, then that’s that. He probably wouldn’t even mention it during the presentation. He’ll expect you to just fall in line, like you always do.

    Steve came to Verizon first for the iPhone, when their network still suffered from the same limitation, so he didn’t give a damn about browsing and talking at the same time as of a few years ago. Now all of a sudden it’s this big requirement that leaves no room for compromise? Yeah, right.

  6. But, why, why, why would VZ run iCan’t ads if they were in talks to get the iPhone?!? That makes no sense! It must be a false rumor or iPhone for Sprint. Also, the 5-year contract. This all went down two months ago. Did VZ mysteriously pull all anti-iPhone ads? Anti-AT&T;- ok; anti-iPhone – no.

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